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How are we doing?

Please take a moment to tell us about our services. If a question is not applicable, just skip the question. This survey is entirely anonymous. Thanks!

1.  Did you receive a response to your application in a timely manner?

2.  Was our correspondence clear?

Please indicate how we can improve our correspondence
(better instructions? more information? less information? etc.)

3.  Is the UAS Financial Aid web site useful?

How can we improve the site?

4.  Were your funds disbursed as you expected them to be?

When did you apply for aid?

When were your funds disbursed?

5.  Did you receive adequate answers to your questions?

6.  Did you find our staff to be helpful?

7.  Did you find our staff to be courteous?

8.  Want to expand on any of the above? Point out something else? Please give us your comments:


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