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The University of Alaska Southeast, in partnership with nationally acclaimed Perseverance Theatre, offers professional training augmented by practical experience in mainstage productions. Receive university credit while studying acting, dramatic literature, playwriting and directing, or perform in and design a live theatre production.

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Students in Perseverance Theatre production

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Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Bachelor degree programs are typically 120 credits (four years), and are designed to prepare students for employment or graduate school in their chosen field.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Courses in a degree program may be counted only once: that is, courses used as Major requirements cannot be used in other parts of the degree program. Courses used for GER credit cannot be used to fulfill Liberal Arts Major courses or must be replaced by substitute courses of equal credits.

Minimum Credit Hours120
General Education Requirements35
Liberal Arts Major60

The Liberal Arts Major combines Core and Emphasis courses. Of the 60 total credits required for the Major, 45 must be completed through UAS. Courses completed for the Liberal Arts Major must receive a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Liberal Arts Core

HUMS200Orientation to the Liberal Arts2
HUMS210Student Portfolio1
___S___Communications, Literature or Writing (upper-division elective)*3
___S___Philosophy (Introduction, Logic, or Ethics)**3
___S___Social Science, Math, or Natural Science (elective)3-4
___S___Cultural Diversity Courses***6-8


** PHIL S101, PHIL S201, PHIL S206, PHIL S301

*** Cultural Diversity courses include: world languages, world history, Alaska Native languages, or BLA faculty advisor-approved courses in anthropology, art, communication, literature, and the humanities or social sciences, including transfer or study abroad courses, with an evident focus in cultural diversity.

Upon admission into the BLA program, students are required to enroll in Orientation to the Liberal Arts and Student Portfolio courses. These courses are designed to assist students in planning their program of study with the approval of their BLA faculty advisor. The portfolio is used for purposes of continuing self-assessment during the student’s BLA program. Students must complete the Orientation and Portfolio courses within the first three semesters after matriculation; those who do not will be dropped from the BLA program and must officially reapply for admission.

Language Arts Designated Emphasis

Language Arts Fields
English (ENGL), Communication (COMM), Theatre (THR)
Primary Field
24 credits (minimum 15 credits upper division)
Secondary Field
15 credits (minimum 6 credits upper-division)
Capstone (3 credits)
HUM S499 Humanities Capstone

Minor in Theatre

A minor is a student's secondary field of study.  Typically a minor is 15 credits and cannot be the same emphasis as the main bachelor's degree program.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours18
THRS211Theatre History and Literature I3
THRS212Theatre History and Literature II3

Select two from the following (6 credits):

THRS218Studies in Theatre3
THRS219Theatre Performance: Selected Topics3
THRS221Acting I3
THRS222Acting II3
THRS331Directing I3
THRS418Advanced Studies in Theatre*3
THRS419Theatre Performance: Selected Topics*3
* THR S418 and S419 may be repeated for credit when content varies.

Select from the preceding and following (6 credits total):

COMMS346From Page to Stage: Oral Interpretation3
ENGLS418Themes in Literature (only when playwright or plays are the topic)3
THRS391/S491Internship in Production, Arts Administration, Acting1-3
THRS394/S494Practicum in Production, Arts Administration, Acting1-3
THRS397/S497Independent Study1-3

UAS is an open enrollment institution, this means that you do not have to be in a UAS degree program to take a class. Anyone can take our classes as long as they meet the course pre-requisites.

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