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First Year Experience: Mission and Goals

The First Year Experience program supports academic success and persistence, eases educational and social transitions to college, and fosters student engagement in the UAS Community.

Learning Outcomes

In their first year, students at UAS will: 

  1. Identify and utilize resources that will support their academic and social success while in college.
  2. Engage in core coursework including Math and English to stay on track for graduation.
  3. Identify academic and developmental goals, including:
    1. Academic Major
    2. Study Abroad Experiences
    3. Campus Employment
    4. Advocacy and Activism Experiences.
  4. Develop a strong network of peers and professionals including:
    1. One faculty member they consider a mentor
    2. One staff member they feel can offer support
    3. Five peers that are conducive to their social and academic success
  5. Develop strong connections to the UAS campus by attending at least five events on the Don't Miss List


The First Year Experience program engages in regular assessment of the program as a whole, the success and engagement of first year students on the Juneau campus, and of individual events and initiatives within FYE. For specific data regarding assessment for FYE, please contact Nathan Bodenstadt, First Year Experience Advisor.

First Year Experience: Branding

Please use the files provided below for use in branding of the First Year Experience.

If your event is on the Don't Miss List, please indicate so! This helps identify your event to First Year students and it promotes the Don't Miss List and other events on it.

Click each file below to download and use:

First Year Experience Program Identifier

This image spells out "First Year Experience" entirely and is recommended for use in files where the FYE icon will be rather large -- more than 4 inches wide.

First Year Experience Quick Identifier

This image simply says "FYE" instead of "First Year Experience" and is recommended for use in documents where the FYE branding will be rather small - 1.5 to 4 inches wide.

First Year Experience Pennant Design

This image is a stylized version of the full FYE Program Identifier on a blue pennant background. Use this image on publications with the FYE icon being used as a central piece - at least 6 inches wide. 

First Year Experience Button Design

This button design can be used for inviting people to ask you about the FYE program at UAS and its services. 

First Year Experience: Committee

The FYE Committee is chaired by Nathan Bodenstadt, First Year Experience Advisor. If you have questions about committee membership, would like to propose an item for the First Year Experience Committee to review, or are interested in speaking with the committee, please contact Nathan directly at

The FYE Committee is made up of both staff and faculty who are highly invested in the success of first year students. The current make up of the committee is:

Nathan Bodenstadt, ChairFirst Year Experience Advisor
Eric ScottCampus Life Director
Tara OlsonStudent Activities Coordinator
Aimeé RichardsAcademic Advisor
Kevin MaierAssociate Professor of English
Amanda SeskoAssistant Professor of Psychology
Jonas LambAssistant Professor of Library and Information Science



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