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Manual for research /sponsored projects

GM 1 Purpose and Scope of Office
GM 2 Proposal Process
GM 3 Awards
GM 4 PI Responsibilities
GM 5 School Department Responsibilities
GM 6 Time Limitations
GM 7 Budgets and Program Income
GM 8 Project Expenditures
GM 9 Approval of Charges & Revisions to Projects
GM 10 Unallowable Costs
GM 11 Subrecipients
GM 12 Non-Expendable Property
GM 13 Cost Share/Match
GM 14 Cost Transfers:   Journal Vouchers
GM 15 Cost Transfers:  Labor Reallocations
GM 16 Effort Reporting and Certification
GM 17 Billing and Financial Reporting
GM 18 Facilities & Administrative Rates
GM 19 Foundation Awards
GM 20 Grant Restricted Fund Setup
GM 21 Grant Closeout & No Cost Extension
GM 22 Allowance for Grant Write-Offs
GM 23 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule


Appendix 1 Conflict of Interest

Appendix 2 Meals and Entertainment

Appendix 3 PI Eligibility

Appendix 4 Cost Transfer Policy

Appendix 5 Effort FAQ

Appendix 6 Journal Voucher Process Flow for Restricted Funds

Appendix 7 Labor Reallocation Process Flow for Restricted Funds

Appendix 8 Expanded Authorities

Appendix 9 Match Questions Answered

Appendix 10 Reimbursable Service Agreements (RSAs) 

Appendix 11 Routing a Grant Budget Revision Request

UA Sponsored Program Compliance

D-01 - Matching/Cost Sharing Concepts

D-02 - Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery

D-03 - Accounting for Unallowable Costs

D-04 - Effort Certification Requirement

D-05 - Accounting for Administrative or Clerical Services for Major Programs and Projects

D-06 - Subawards and Vendor Contracts

D-07 - Subrecipient Monitoring

D-08 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


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