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Department Storage: Fileshares  

Storage for departments is maintained on campus servers and is organized into various network drive, also called fileshares.

Individual Storage: UASHOME

Each individual has 100 MB of space to store data or host web pages.  (more details)

Temporary Storage: Scratch Disk

A network drive is available for anyone to temporarily store materials.  This drive is cleaned weekly and offers little protection for files, as anyone can see, modify, and delete documents on the scratch disk.  It can be reached from any standard campus computer by mapping a network drive to: \\berling\scratch disk$


1. How do I connect to departmental storage not on my computer? (PC)

You can connect to a department fileshare on any campus computer by Mapping a Network Drive (show me)

  1. Right-click on Computer in the Start Menu, and choose Map Network Drive
    Map Network Drive
  2. The drive letter will auto-select the next available letter.
  3. Fill in the Folder: field, by typing the server name (ex. \\berling) and the share name (ex. \scratch disk$) combined, you'll see: \\berling\scratch disk$.

    Map network drive 2
  4. Check the box to Reconnect at logon, and Finish

Once the share has been mapped from your account on a particular computer, you will be able to get back to the fileshare through the Computer option.

2. How do I connect to departmental storage not on my computer? (Mac)

This describes how to map a campus fileshare on your Apple OS X machine. Mapping your account allows you to access any files that you have stored on the network.

In the Finder, click on the Go menu, select Connect to Server.

Mapping Drive on Mac

To connect to your UASHome directory (aka: Z: drive):

In the Address field, type in smb://uashome/users$/username, then click Connect
Note: replace "username" with your campus username (ex: cjbennett)

To connect to your department shared drive:

In the Address field, type in smb://jun-campusfs01/shared_drive_name$, then click Connect
Note: replace "shared_drive_name" with your departmental share (its, admissions, etc)

To connect to your synched files on your computer:

In the Address field, type smb://sync-al/files$/computer name/username, then click Connect
Note: replace "computer name" and "username" with your specific information

3. How do I connect to departmental storage not on my computer? (Chromebook)

Google has provided an app through which you can connect to network fileshares.

  1. Access the Chromebook using your address
  2. Connect to the UAS network (not UAS Guest)
    Network access from Chromebook
    • If you are not on-campus, you can use VPN to connect to our network
  3. Download the "Network File Share for Chrome OS" app:
    Network File Share for Chrome OS
  4. Run the app
  5. Enter the path of the fileshare into the Share Path field
    • Ex: \\jun-campusfs01\its$
  6. Check the "My file share needs a password" checkbox
  7. Enter UA\username and your password
  8. Check the "Store credentials" checkbox
    Mount fileshare via Chromebook
  9. Click the Mount button

Your UA Fileshare will now be accessible through apps installed to your Chromebook. Please note that Chromebooks do not have a file explorer. You will instead need to access your documents through apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, etc.
Folder Directory on Chromebook

4. Can we restrict access to individual folders on a campus share?


Simply contact the helpdesk with a request to specify permissions to the particular folder in question. We'll need to know which fileshare & folder (ex: \\berling\its$\Helpdesk\Professional Staff\) and what access (read/write/both) should be granted to that directory. 


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