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Video conferencing is available at throughout the Southeast Campuses. To set up a Video Conference for one of these locations contact VCS. You may also need to reserve the room separately. If you would like training, contact your local campus support.

Note: Video conference requests should be made 48 hours in advance. If your request involves a rural campus, Access Alaska site, or a location outside of Alaska, please allow 7 days for processing.


For information on the equipment available, contact Instructional Services Manager Randy Nutting at 907-747-7701 or


For information on the equipment available, or to set up a video conference, contact John Long at 907-228-4531 or



Our Newest Video Conferencing Equipment

Offering high quality video and audio capabilities, the Tandberg systems provide a new level of video conferencing. Paired with our Vizio flatscreen TVs, these systems offer a significant portal into the UAS video conferencing network and it's many endpoints.


Tandberg units paired with Vizio flatscreens are located on the first floor of Egan Wing in rooms 113, 115, and 116. 

Using the Equipment for a Video Conference

When the Tandberg is connected to a call you will see an orange light above the green power light located in the upper left hand corner of the unit. If you see these lights and the TV screen appears black, turn on the TV with the black remote (the white Vizio logo will be illuminated when power is on). 

If you see only a green light on the Tandberg this means the conference has not yet started and the system is in standby mode. Make sure the TV is on and wake up the system by pressing the cancel button on the Tandberg remote control. At this point you can use the Selfview button to adjust the camera to your position. Incoming calls will also wake up the system. 

If it is past your conference start time and you are not able to view your conference contact VCS toll free at 1-800-910-9601. Note: If you see no picture, please make sure the TV is on by checking that the white Vizio logo on the bottom center of the TV is illuminated. You may need to turn the TV on and off to notice the difference.   

Other Tips

Make sure you turn on the lights in the room and adjust the camera to the desired position. By default the microphone will be muted at the beginning of a call. Remember that to speak (and be seen) you must unmute the microphone with the yellow button on the Tandberg remote control. Because the status of your microphone affects when your video feed is displayed in a call, it is recommended that you leave the microphone muted until you want to speak.

If You Experience Problems

If the equipment appears to be working correctly but you do not see the other members of your conference, contact VCS toll free at 1-800-910-9601.

If you have a problem with the equipment please contact your Helpdesk.

Additional Resources

OIT Video Conferencing Services Homepage

Schedule a Video Conference

Tandberg User Guide

Equipment Configuration (used ports are marked)

The high quality table microphone is designed to use on a table during a video conference. You can connect up to three microphones. The ideal location for the microphone is on a flat surface at least 2m (6.5 ft) from the front of the system. The microphone cable should always point towards the system. The system will automatically equalize sound levels. Loud and soft voices are picked up and transmitted to the far end at approximately the same level. Be care of wiring when standing and walking past the microphone unit. 


The system is controlled with a remote control. Think of the remote control as a mobile phone with number keys and call keys. Use the arrow keys and OK to navigate the menu. The system’s most commonly used functions are also accessible directly from the remote control.

Tandberg Remote

1. Mic Off turns your microphone on and off.

2. Arrow keys are used for navigation in the menu and for moving the camera when the menu is hidden.

3. Volume + and – adjusts the system volume.

4. The Layout key toggles between full screen and different display layouts.

5. Cancel takes you back one step in the menu system. Use Cancel to delete characters in an input field.

6. Press the Call key to place a call.

7. Camera presets define specific camera positions. Press and hold a number key for 1 second to save the current camera position to that number key. To activate a preset while in a call, simply press and release that number key.

8. Snapshot takes a snapshot of your video. (Only while you are in a call) 

9. The Presentation key switches to a predefined presentation source.

10. Press OK/Menu to show the menu and to select menu items.

11. Use Zoom + and – to zoom the camera in and out.

12. Selfview displays your outgoing video. Press Selfview again to turn selfview off.

13. Store and recall your video contacts via the system Phone Book for easy placement of calls.

14. Use the red End Call key to end the current call. Pressing this key when not in a call will place the system in Standby mode.

15. Number/Letter keys function in the same manner as with a mobile or cellular phone.

16. Press Touch tones when you are in a call and need to dial extension numbers etc. (instead of presets).


Selfview shows your outgoing picture. Normally this is the picture of your self (main camera). Selfview is most useful for single monitor systems. On dual monitor systems you already have selfview on the dual monitor. In a normal conference, the far end side is displayed on main monitor. Pressing Selfview will result in near end on main monitor. Outside a call, selfview is already displayed on the screens. Pressing selfview will result in a black screen. Press selfview again to bring the picture back.

How to use Selfview:

1. Press Selfview once to see a full screen picture of yourself (your outgoing video).

2. Press Selfview again to turn selfview off and go back to normal.

Vizio TVs

UAS has three flatscreen TVs located on the first floor of Egan Wing. These TVs are work with our video conferencing system. They can also be connected to a laptop and used for presentations. 


Connecting a PC

Laptops with a standard monitor output can be connected to the TVs with the provide RGB and audio connections. 

VGA Connection

Laptops with an HDMI output can be connected to the Vizio side panel. 


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