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Using the Essay Evaluation Tools

Once the essay has been posted, the instructor may evaluate the student answers directly using the UAS Online's essay evaluation tools.

Evaluate Link

1. Click on the Evaluate link for the essay to be reviewed.

2. An evaluation window will open:

Evaluation Window

3. First decide if the question will be reviewed with or without the students name being displayed with their responses. To display the names, click on the Show Names check box next to the Evaluate button. Finally click on the Evaluate button to open the evaluation window with all student response will open (see example below).

Annotate Button

4. To place comments, click on the Annotate button. This will reveal a series of available entry points as shown by the arrows in the figure below. You may also delete the students answer at this point by clicking the Remove button.

Annotation Entry Points

5. Click on an entry point to open a text box allowing the entry of comments. To save the comments click on the save button next to the text box. (See example)


Enter Annotation

The annotation you enter will look like this:

Example Annotation

6. When you have finished commenting on the question, click on the Select Another Student button located in the lower left hand corner of the window.

7. Select another student response, click on the Annotate button and repeat steps 5 and 6.

8. When all responses have been graded, click on the Change Question button in the located near the upper right hand corner of the window.

9. Choose a new question and repeat steps 4-8 until all questions have been reviewed and commented upon.


Assign Grades and Names

10. To assign student grades click on the Assign grades button located in the lower right hand corner of the main essay evaluation page. Next to this button is a check box which will allow you to display the students name along with their responses when assigning the grades. A window containing the grouped responses for each student will open. See the figure below for an example containing one students responses.

Enter the student's score and click the Post Grade button to submit it.

Assign Grades

Enter Grades

Additionally, you may choose to post the evaluated answers. This is done using the Post Results link for the course as discussed previously. This places a link Assignments section of your course home site that can be used by students to review the evaluated responses of other students.

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