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Adding a Task

The UASOnline task tools allow the instructor to create a 'dropbox' where students may upload their completed assignments. When a student clicks one of the task links a new window will open similar to the one seen below.

Example Task

The student can now upload their assignment using the Add Attachment link located at the lower right hand corner of the text box.

Adding Tasks

To add a task click on the Task Library tab located on the assignments page. This will open the task library as seen below.

Adding Tasks


Click on the Add New Task button and the task builder window opens.

Task Settings

Steps to create a task:

  1. Enter a name for the task in the Task Title Block
  2. Select a desired participation limit. You can limit participation to allow only students on the course list to access the item, limit access to listed participants only, or allow all UAS students to access the item.
  3. Link the task to a gradebook item if desired using the dropdown.
  4. If you wish for the students to be able to edit a task they have submitted select yes in the Allow Students to Edit section. This can allow them to change the uploaded task prior to the task being graded. Once the grade is posted to the gradebook they will no longer be able to make any changes to the task. If you select No, then changes cannot be made after the student has submitted the task.
  5. The radio buttons control who may view the item once a student has posted it.
    • You have the following choices:
      1. The default option is to share the student responses with the names removed.
      2. Share the student responses with names.
      3. Do not share any responses.
  6. Enter a task description or instructions in the Task Description text box.
  7. When you have entered all of the information click on the Save Task button to save the task to the Task Library.

Using the Task Library Options

  1. Open the instructor tools page and select the assignments tab. At the bottom of the page select the Task Library tab. A list of all tasks created will appear as seen in the image below. Task Library Options
  2. From the Task Library you can access the following options for the tasks:
  • Post- Posts the assignment to the UASOnline course homesite.
  • Evaluate- Click on this link to download or view the submitted files.
  • Report- Brings up a list of all of the submitted files and the names of the submitter.
  • Post Results- Allows the instructor to post the submitted results so that they can be viewed from the UASOnline course homesite. Test-Click the test link to view how the posted task will appear to the students.
  • Clear Answers- Clicking on this link will delete all of the uploaded items.
  • Delete- Click on the delete link to permanently remove the item from the task library. NOTE: Once an item is deleted it cannot be recovered.

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