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Posting Assignments

Posting assignments is easy. Assignments you create will appear on their respective library tabs: Quiz, Essay, etc. Clicking the "Post" link will display the assignment on your course home site, making it available to students.

Post Button

When the assignments have been completed by your students, the "Post Results" link can be used to post the grades. Remember to complete any manual grading before doing this.

Post Results

Once assignments have been posted they will appear on the Home site tab as shown below.

Posted ACtivity

Note: You can change the order in which the assignments are displayed by changing the numbers in the "Order" boxes.

1. Check this box to remove a posted assignment.

2. Click this link to bring up date calendar. 

3. You will choose the date the Assignments appear "Date Available" and the due date, i.e., the day the assignments "Auto Remove." Note: this feature allows you to create assignments ahead of time and schedule them to appear at a later date.

4. Click to apply changes you have made with the options listed above.

Clicking the "Additional Item" checkbox on the left-hand side of an assignment link will hide it from the main assignments list on the home site. This is an organizational tool that allows you to create a group assignments that will only display when students select the "Show additional items" link on the home site.

Show Additional Items

Student Notifications

Posted assignments have notifications to inform students of the assignment's status. Below are examples of the different notifications as they will appear to students on your course home site.

Student Notifications

1. This Quiz has been completed and displays a "grade posted" message.

2. This Essay has been partially completed and will continue to display an "incomplete" message until all questions have been answered. 

3. This Task has not been done and displays an "incomplete" message.

4. This Quiz has not been done and has a set due date. It will display both an "incomplete" and a  "DUE BEFORE: Saturday, June 05, 2010" message. It is important to make clear to your students that dated assignments are due by midnight the day before the due date - the assignment link will disappear from your course home site at this time.

Gradebook and Student Evaluations

The assignments area of your course home site (not within Instructor Tools) is where you will find notifications about your gradebook and a link to your student evaluation results.

Ratings and Gradebook

Note: Students will see the same "Gradebook last updated" message along with a button to access their scores:

Gradebook Button

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