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Communication Tools

1. Discussion Board

When the Discussion Board is turned on the Help Desk is notified by email. They will create a discussion board for your course and send you a reply when this is completed. A link will appear in the course top bar of your course homesite.

threaded Discussion

2. Collaborative Writing

The Wiki for your course site can be turned on with the radio button shown below. Remember to save changes when you are done.

Turn on Wiki

3. Synchronous Communication


To turn on the Webmeeting feature click the "On" radio button and select who has access. Remember to save changes when you are finished. A Webmeeting link will now appear on the top and sidebars of you course homesite.

Using the Chat Tool

The Chat feature allows you add an instant messaging feature to you course homesite and can be used as a lightweight alternative to Elluminate. Students can collaborate with you and each other. Chat histories are saved and can be referenced later.


When the feature is enabled it will appear on your course homesite under Communication Tools. Access the chatroom by clicking on the link. 

Chat Room Link

Clicking the link will bring you to the Chat Tool interface. 

Chat Tool Interface

As a moderator you will be able to create Breakout Rooms, Pause, (Manually) Archive and close the Chatroom.

Moderator Tools

Private messages can be sent to any person on the participant list by using the Send to: box in the bottom-right corner of the chat window.  

Send To

Private Messages

You can also filter the conversation by time with the Show box in the upper right-hand corner. 

Filter Messages
Live Messenger

Note: This feature is used for Televised/Broadcast classes and is usually configured by Media Services. While instructions are provided here, it is recommended that you contact Media Services for assistance at 796-6463. 

To enable the Live Messenger feature click the "On" radio button. Choose who can participate in the Live Messenger session by clicking one of the radio buttons next to Meeting Access. Remember to save changes when finished. 

Live Messenger

Using Live Messenger

Click the Live Messenger link in the Comm Tools section of Instructor Tools.

Live Messenger

To begin your live messenger session, Click the "Start class session" link. Comments or instructions can be entered in the Special Notes text box.

Enable Live Messenger

The Live Messenger view will open and display a list of all participating sites and students. In the main window you will see a list of the submitted questions in chronological order. 

Live Messenger Session

When the session is complete, click the End Class button. To view an existing archive, click the dropdown menu located at the top of the page, select the date and time of the course and click on the View Archive button.

Live Messenger View

4. Class E-mail List

With the Class E-mail list you can control who has access to the class list. You can limit access to people on the class roster, listed participants (includes class roster and Additional Participants), people who have UAS accounts, or unrestricted access. The default selection is unrestricted. Click the Save Changes button after making your selection. To send an email to everyone on the list, click the Send Bulk Email link in the lower right hand corner of the box.

Additional Participants

5. Additional Participants

The Additional Participants section allows you to add participants to your class list. This can include UAS users not enrolled in your course. To add a participant, enter their UAS username in the Additional Participants box. To allow self-enrollment check the Allow Additions box. Be sure to Save Changes when you are done. Additional participants can be removed by deleting their username from the list.

Class Email List

6. Additional Items

The Additional Items dialog box allows entry of information about the way course content is communicated. Examples include links to UATV, phone numbers for audio conferences, dialing instructions, etc. The tool box items allow you to enter links or text. If you need more than 3 items, click on the save changes button after entering the first three and new text boxes will appear.

Additional Items



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