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Using Views in UAS Online

Creating views is an advanced configuration tool for UASOnline and is not recommended for use by novice users.

Multiple Homesite Views can be created in the Advanced Configuration section found on the UASOnline instructor tools page.

Views Instructor Tools

Multiple Homesite Views allow instructors to create multiple, different, views of a course homesite. These views can be changed by using scheduled dates or by using a simple drop down menu, located below the course title on the homesite.

Click on the Instructor Tools link, then select the Advanced Config link and scroll to the bottom of the page:

Mulitiple Homesite Views

Creating Views

Views can be created using the following methods:

1. NEW - Enter an ID name in the text box and click on the New View button. The new view will appear in the view list as seen below. Enter a display name for the view. This is the name that will appear when the view is displayed. Click on the Save Changes button.

Create New View

2. COPY - To copy an existing view, enter an ID name in the Create View title box and click the Copy Current View button. This process copies the current course homesite. Enter a display name in the Display Name text box and click the Save Changes button.

Editing Views

To edit a view you have already created click on the ID name of the view to open it. The name of the view should appear beneath the course title information as highlighted below:

Multiple Homesite Views Display

Click on the Instructor Tools link located in the UASOnline title bar to make changes to the view. The Instructor Tools can be used to add announcements, assignments, communication settings, and resources.

When creating and editing views it is important to consider the following:

1. Dated announcements and assignments stay the same on all views.

2. Discussion Boards are the same each course site - there is only one. You may remove the link for the Discussion Board from a view.

3. Library information stays the same on all views.

4. There is only one gradebook for each course, but can be hidden on any view.

Controlling Views

Once a view has been created, you can control when it is visible using the settings found in the Multiple Homesite Views options. You can hide the view completely, change the view on a given date, or allow the users to control the views using a dropdown menu located beneath the course title at the top of each view.

Views Scheduled

1. To hide a view, click on the Hide View checkbox associated with the view and then click on the Save Changes button.

2. If you have selected the Visitors may browse visible views checkbox, a dropdown menu appears allowing you to toggle between visible views.

3. The Default View selector controls which page appears each time the course site is opened. You can also change the default view using the view scheduling behavior options described in item 3 below. Select the view you want to be the default view and click on the save changes button.

4. To add or remove a view on a given date first click on the Tie View Behavior to a schedule check box located near the top of the section and click on the Save Changes button. The schedule control options appear as seen below.

There are three date settings that can be set for each view. You can set the date by entering it in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. The date can also be picked using the Pick Date link located to the right of each date's text box. When you click on the Pick Date link a calendar popup menu will appear with the current month displayed.(See example to the right) Use the greater than and less than symbols next to the name of the month to navigate to previous or future months. When setting any of the dates it is important to enter the day directly before the date you want the action to occur. The action will then be applied at 12:00 AM after the chosen date.

Views Schedule Calendar

The Default after date setting allows you to set a date after which the view selected becomes the default view. The Visible after date setting allows you to display a view that was previously hidden using the Hide View check box. The Hidden after date settings allows you to hide the view after a given date. After you have entered all of the dates click on the Save Changes button to save the settings.


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