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Course Evaluation Information for Students

Students are provided the opportunity to evaluate courses they take at UAS through UASOnline. The summary results of these anonymous evaluations are available to faculty and to the student, if the faculty provides the option. The evaluation start and end date is configured by the instructor, but will be within two weeks of the class end date.

There are three ways that students receive notification about Evaluations:

1. When signing on to UASOnline the Bookmark for your class will provide an "Evaluation Underway" link. This will take you directly to the evaluation.

2. When accessing your course homesite you will see a link in the Assignment section labeled "Evaluation Underway".

3. Through E-mail notification, if you have set up your UASOnline profile correctly. To update your email address in your profile sign on to UASOnline. Click on the link in your profile called "Edit Options". and update your email address. The Evaluations use your email address to send you a message the first day that the evaluation is available. There is a link in the email that will take you directly to the evaluation. The evaluation will take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete. For those who haven't responded another notification will be sent out 2 days before the end date.

If your Instructor has chosen to allow students to see the summary results (with the comments) of the survey, the link will be available two weeks after the closing date.


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