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Editing Student Evaluations

While the original questions in Evaluations are managed by the Faculty Senate and can not be changed, additional questions can be added. You can edit the Evaluations from the link in your Instructor Tools/Course Info/Evaluations. The link is just below the date information.

View or Edit

When you click on the "View/Edit Evaluation Form" you will see Tips for Successful Evaluations. Make sure you read these before proceeding. Click on "Create New Question" to start the process.

Tips for Success

For each question you will need to create a title, question, low and high value, and determine if you wish to allow "not applicable" and comments. When you are finished click on "Save Question".

Question Options

After you create a question you can edit,delete, or add a new question.

Question Properties

This is how your questions will look on the Evaluation form.

Sample Evaluation Form


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