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Setting Up Your Gradebook

Adding Categories

Click on the categories button to open the Create New Categories dialog box seen below. The box is the same for a point based or descriptive grade book.

  • For a descriptive gradebook simply enter the category name and order.
  • For a point based gradebook you may add a weight for the entire category and you must choose how to calculate the grade with the choices found in the dropdown menu as shown in the figure.
  • Click on the Save button to place the category in the gradebook
  • Repeat this procedure until all desired categories are entered

Gradebook New Category

Adding Grade book Items

To begin adding items (Assignments, Quizzes, Essays, etc.) click on the Items button at the top of the screen.

For a descriptive gradebook enter the item description and the category to which the item belongs. If you need to create a new category for the item enter it in the New Category text box

Gradebook New Item

For the points based gradebook you also need to add the number of points the item is worth.

Click the Add New Item Button to add the item to the gradebook.

Repeat the steps until all desired items are added to the gradebook.

If changes need to made to any category or item, click on either the Categories or Items button. Clicking on the links found in each item or category allows you to make the following changes. Clicking the Weight/Edit link for a category opens a dialog box allowing you to delete the category or change the category weighting. The links next to each item allow you to enter grades, edit the parameters(item points, category, order) or delete the item entirely. (See the sample figure below)

Gradebook Weight Edit

Adding Grades to the Gradebook

There are 4 basic methods for adding grades to the gradebook

1. For quizzes, the grade is entered automatically by linking the quiz to a gradebook item during the quiz creation process.

2. For essays, the grades may be entered during the evaluation process if the essay is properly linked to a gradebook item.

3. From the main grade book dialog box, click on the Edit Gradebook button to bring up the gradebook view as shown below.

Gradebook Edit Grades

To add grades for a grade book item for all students click on the link for that item at the top of the column. This will bring up a dialog box similar to the one below. Enter the scores and comments for each student and then save the entries by clicking on the Save Grades button. You can also open up this dialog box by clicking on the Grade link found next to each item in the Categories or Items views.

Gradebook Specific Assignment View

4. To add grades for a student for more than one gradebook item, click on the student's name. This brings up a dialog box similar to the one below. Enter the item scores and comments for the items, and then click on the Save Student button to add them to the gradebook. This dialog box can also be opened by clicking on the Grade link next to the students name in the class roster.

Gradebook All Assignments

Exporting the Gradebook to Excel

To export the gradebook you must first open the Gradebook view. The gradebook view can be opened by clicking on the Edit gradebook button as shown in the image below.

Gradebook Export One

The gradebook view now opens as shown below. The view shown below represents the format of the view which will be exported to Excel. If desired you can hide the percentages and comments using the instructions that follow.

Using the "Hide comments" or "Hide percentages" checkboxes will allow you to export the gradebook without any comments or percentages shown. This makes it easier to manipulate the data in the gradebook using Excel.

To hide the comments select the "Hide comments" check box and then click on the Grade Book button. The grade book should now be displayed without any comments as seen in the image below.

Gradebook Export Two

To export the gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet click on the Export button located in the gradebook view as seen in the diagram below.  When the Export button.

Gradebook Export Three

The File Download dialog box opens as shown below. The appearance of this window will vary depending on which browser you are using. It is recommended that you save the file to your computer and then open it using Excel. This will enable you to use all of Excel's tools and functions to manipulate data or modify the format of the downloaded gradebook. When you click on the Save button the Save File as dialog box will open allowing you to choose to location to which the file should be saved.

Gradebook Export Four

After the file has been downloaded and saved it can be opened in Excel.

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