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The resources section provides a location for any additional course materials that students may need to complete their coursework. This can include almost any file type that the students have software to open. Additionally, the resources section can be used to provide links to information on the world wide web. The resource section also houses a webliography and bibliography section that can be used by both the students and the instructor to list relevant resources for use in the course.

To manage resources using UASOnline click on the Instructor Tools link in the UASOnline header at the top of the course site and then click on the Resources tab. The resource options will now be displayed. Click on a link below for instructions on adding and utilizing resources.

Uploading Resources

1. To upload a resource to a UASOnline course site:

Class Resources

2. Needs Update:Enter a file name for the file in the Server File Name Text Box being sure to maintain the proper file type extension(.doc, .jpg, zip, etc.).

  • If you enter a file with a .zip extension a new checkbox opens asking if you want to unpack the files.

Upload New Resource Zip

If you unpack the files UASOnline will unzip the files and place them in the original directory structure. If you do not unpack the files the file will download as an unzipped file.

3. If you want to overwrite an existing resource using the same file name click on the Overwrite existing file checkbox.

4. If you attempt to upload a file using an existing file without checking the Overwrite existing file option a window will open as seen below.

File With Same Name

  • Click on the Overwrite button to replace the existing file with a new file.
  • To Rename the file and keep the existing file enter a new file name in the text box and click on the Retry button.
  • Hit cancel to return to the resources page.

5. Once the file has been successfully uploaded and saved a message similar to the one shown below is displayed.

Upload Sucessful

Creating Resource Links

1. Click on the Browse Resources Link located in the Uploading Section of the Resource Tools shown highlighted in the image below.

Resource Browser Button 2. The Resource Browser will open as shown below.

Resource Browser

3. Select the semester from the dropdown menu and then enter a course number and section in the textbox located to the right of the selected semester. By Default these values are set for the course you are currently modifying.

4. Click on the Go button to display the resources for the course you selected.

5. To create a link click on the Add Link button located next to the desired item.

6. The Resource Browser window closes and the Create/Edit Resource links section of the resources tab is displayed. The URL for the item has been added to the URL text box. Enter a title for the resource. This is the text that will appear in the Resource section of the course home site.

Resource Link 2

7. To control who may access the page and where the new page opens click on the More Options button.

Resource Access

The Target text box controls where the page being linked to is open. The following choices are available:

  • blank- the page opens in a new blank browser window with no name.
  • parent- loads the linked page into the parent frameset or window of the frame that contains the link.
  • self- loads the page into the window or frame that contains the link.
  • top- loads the linked page into a full browser window, removing any existing frames.

The access settings control who may access the linked material or page. You can limit access to users with UAS accounts, Listed Participants, or students listed in the Class Roster.

If you wish to display a pop up message concerning the linked material enter the message in the Pop-up Message text field and select the Display clickthru message check box.

8. Click on the Save Link button to save the link. It should now appear in the Current Links list.

Current Links List

9. If you want to shorten the list you can hide some of the Current Links by clicking on the Additional Item check box located in front of an item and clicking on the Save Changes button.

10. An Additional Items link will now appear in the Resources section of the homesite as seen in the image below. Clicking on this link will un hide the items. To unhide an item deselect the Additional Item check box and then click on the Save Changes Button.

Uploading .zip files

  • Uploading a .zip file is basically the same as any other resource as described in the previous section. The only difference is that when you select a file with a .zip extension the Unpack files check box appears as highlighted below.

Resource Zip File

  • If you choose to unpack the file it will be unzipped and the file structure maintained within the uploaded resource.
  • If you do not unpack the file it will be uploaded as a .zip file with no modification. It can then be downloaded and unzipped like any other zipped file.

Creating Links to Web Sites/Other Online Resources

1.Click on the Create New Link button located at the lower left hand corner of the Create/Edit Resource Links section of the resource tools.

2. Enter the URL for the web site into the URL text box.

3. Enter a name for the link in the Title Text box.

4. To further control how the link is displayed or accessed click on the More Options button. Click Here for more information about these options.

5. Once you have entered the desired settings click on the Save Changes button to add the link to the Current Links list.

Removing Links

To remove a link from the Current Links list select the checkbox for that item in the Remove column and click on the Save Changes button. Removing the link does not delete uploaded course resources.

Working with Categories/Subcategories

UASOnline allows you to create categories and subcategories for your course site resources allowing you to organize your course resources.

Creating Categories/Subcategories

1. To create a category click on the Create New Category button located at the bottom of the Current Links list. A new set of textboxes open as seen in the image.

Resource Subcategory

2. Enter a title for the category- this is the text that will appear as a link in the resources list.

3. If desired enter a Description for the category in the Description text area.

4. Click on the Save Category button.

5. The category will now appear as shown below.

Resource Subcategory Links

6. Once you have added a category an option will allow you to create a subcategory as shown in the image below.

Resource Create Subcategory

7. The subcategory will now be displayed below it's related category.

Adding Items to Categories/Subcategories

  • If the item is already displayed in the Current Links list you can move the item to a category by Clicking on the Resource title. This opens the Create/Edit view as shown.

Resource Change Category

Select the desired category or subcategory from the Category dropdown menu and then click the Save Link button.

  • You can also add the category when adding a new link. If categories have been created the dropdown menu will appear allowing you to select a category.

Removing Items from Categories/Subcategories

To Remove an Item from a category click on the Remove check box for the item and click on the Save Changes Button.

Reordering Resources and Categories in the Resource List

  • To reorder items in the Current Links list you need to change the numbers in the order list. You only need to change the numbers for the resources or categories you want to change, the remaining items will be automatically reordered in order from the lowest numbered entry remaining to the highest. Click on the Save Changes button to reorder the list items.
  • You can also reorder the items in a category or subcategory using the same procedure.

Webliography / Bibliography

This section allows for the maintenance of the webliography and bibliography

Resource Bibliography

Enabling and disabling a webliography/bibliography

1. Click the checkbox next to the appropriate webliography/bibliography If the box is checked, then that section will be active. If the box is unchecked, that section will not show on the homesite.

2. Click "Make Changes" to have this take affect.

Customizing Accessibility

1. For each webliography/bibliography, click the button next to the desired access setting. For example, if only students who are registered for the class should be able to access the webliography, then clicking the "Class Roster" button would change it appropriately.

2. Click "Make Changes" to have this take affect.

Adding a new citation entry

1. Click the edit link next to the webliography/bibliography to be edited.

Resource Edit Bibliography

2. Select the type of citation entry that should be made

  • Book, Journal Article, Computer Software, of Other
Resources Add Citation
3. Fill in the appropriate information for the citation. In the annotation field, comments may be entered, formatted with HTML. Click the "HTML Editor Help" link to get help in formatting.
Resources HTML Editor

4. Click "Add citation the Bibliography" to save your changes

Editing Citation Entries

Resource Edit Delete Bib

  1. Click the edit link next to the webliography/bibliography that should be edited.
  2. To delete a citation, click the "Delete" button next to the link to be deleted.
  3. To edit a citation, click the "Edit" button next to the citation to edit
  4. Make any changes necessary, adding, removing, or editing information
  5. When finished, click the "Save Citation" button to save the changes.

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