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Essay Support for Students

Essays are generally used by faculty for student submission of short essays/papers. The Task tool is more frequently used for attaching longer papers that are heavily formatted with endnotes, footnotes, hanging indents, etc. Essays may be displayed for everyone to view after submission with/without students name attached.

IMPORTANT: All the tools in UAS Online can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs of instructors. Don't assume that using a tool in one class will be identical with another. Some of the Quizzes, Essays and Tasks will be configured to allow editing after you submit, however, many DO NOT. Make sure you know before you click on the link to the quiz, essay or task.

Common Faculty Configurations

Typing & Pasting in Text Box

Many faculty request that students either write their response directly into the text box using the built in editing tools or use a word processor to cut and paste the essay into the text box. It is advantageous to use your word processor to create the document and then paste it into the online editor. This will prevent the possible loss of your content if your computer fails while writing your essay. (This assumes you have autosave set on your word processor.)

The built in editor has many capabilities that word processors have including basic formatting and a spell checker. (Editor Help) Most essays do not demand a lot of formatting and I would suggest you use only formatting that clearly enhances the reading of your response.

If you cut and paste from MS-Word use the Paste As Word icon to paste your response into the text box. Limit any formatting changes you make after cutting and pasting to avoid possible editing messes. If you need to make a lot of formatting changes I would suggest you make them in your word processor and then paste the finished document into your response.

If you are not using MS-Word as your word processor cut and paste the text in with one of the following buttons. Paste The button on the left will paste with the formatting while the button on the right will paste without formatting.

Attachments with the Text Box

Some faculty prefer to have you turn in your work as an attachment in MS-Word format. Even if your word processor is not Microsoft it will have the ability to save in MS-Word format or as RTF which will open in Word. If you are a MAC user, make sure you save the document with the file extension on the name or it will not work. The "Add Attachment" link will be located on the bottom right of the form that you will submit with your paper.


When you click on the link to the Essay you may see just one essay questions as displayed below or it could be many.

Create Response

Click on the link above which will be either "Submit Answer" or "Create Response". The following window will open with the text editor. NOTE: While we are discussing how to add the attachment be aware that you can also add text to the box below and then move your attachment within that text.

To add an attachment click on the "Add Attachment" link below the text box.

Essay Question
Response Window

This link shows the steps to adding an attachment.

Viewing graded Essay

Faculty will inform you of their essay process. Here are some possibilities how the graded essay may be configured.

  • Essay Results may be posted in the Assignments window.
  • Results may be shared with class by name or anonymous
  • Essays may be annotated by instructor or only a summary comment may be included
  • Results may be posted to Gradebook
  • Instructor may have a prepared response that can be viewed when the question is submitted.
  • Grade may be attached to finished essay.

For Success

  1. Cutting & Pasting
    • Make sure you use the proper icon in the UAS Online editor when pasting.
    • Always paste the whole document and do your editing in your word processor.
  2. Keep a copy of your document for review. It may not be available online.
  3. Proofread before submitting!!
  4. Make sure you are clear about the instructions for the essay since there are many different ways of configuring them.




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