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Task Support for Students

The Task feature in UAS Online provides a place for students to upload their documents and link them to a particular assignment. Multiple documents can be uploaded and descriptive text added if necessary.


Common Faculty Configurations

The Task tool is very flexible and it capable of being configured in many different ways. Always make sure you are clear about the instructions. Here are a variety of ways it can be set up for you:

  1. The ability to edit after uploading your Task before it is graded can be turned on/off for each Task.
  2. Task can be linked to the Gradebook.
  3. Your Task may be viewed by other students after you have submitted it with or with out your name attached.
  4. After task is removed from Homesite and graded the instructor may "Post Results". If they have chosen to share student responses you will see other students responses without the instructors feedback. Yours will be displayed with the instructor comments.

Accessing and Submitting

You must be signed into UAS Online to access Tasks. Go to your course Homesite and scroll down to the Assignments section.

Accessing Tasks

The assignments will show whether you have completed them or not and will be on the left in the above image. The links on the right show "Results" that have been posted after the assignment has been graded and the deadline for the assignment is over.

Click on the task for the correct assignment. A window similar to the following will open:

Assignment 2

Read the instructions carefully and then upload your papers by clicking on the "Add Attachment" link. Here are the instructions.

Viewing Graded Work

After your instructor removes the link for the Task and then grades it, they may choose to "Post Results" in the column along side the assignments. When you click on that link you will see your work with feedback and possibly a grade that is linked to the Gradebook. The instructor has the option of editing your documents and returning them with their comments as an attachment.


Review Answers

If they have chosen to make other students work available you can click on a link for Review to see other students responses. You will not see the grades or instructor comments, but you will be able to click on the links and read their papers.


For Success

  1. Due to the many ways Tasks can be used, it is imperative that you follow the instructions carefully.
  2. Make sure you are uploading your files in the correct format. The default for most papers is to save in MS-Word format. However, Excel, PowerPoint and zipped files of web pages could also be uploaded.
  3. Use the Preview feature to see how your Tasks will look and edit if necessary. Don't forget to hit SUBMIT!





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