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Uploading an Attachment

Choose the "Basic files" for uploading a word processing document. Click Next...

Upload Type

You can choose to display as an object or as a link. We are choosing object for this demonstration. Click next....

Upload Type


Click on the Browse button and locate the file on your computer. Then type in a Caption that will be displayed on the link. Click Upload and your file will be uploaded to UAS Online.

Select File


Since you are uploading another file, click on the "Upload Another". When you complete that process then click on the "Close Window" button.

Upload Complete


The attachments are displayed as shown below. You can add more text to the text box around the attachment if necessary. To see how the instructor will view it click on the Preview button at the bottom left.

You can go back and forth between the preview window and the edit window to make sure your finished Task looks as you would like.

After you Preview make sure you hit the SUBMIT button to finish the process or the Instructor will not receive it.




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