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Access to your pages can be set for general access to the page and then set more granular based on the function the visitor requires as a: Reviewer, Importer, Grader or Co-Author. The default for access to all portfolio pages is Unrestricted. The fact that your page is viewable by anyone does not mean that it can easily be found. Google will find it IF it is linked to another page that is browsable. As an example, if you post your portfolio URL on a website it will readily be discovered by webcrawlers. If you want to make your site available for UAS users you will need to publish it via the Publish tab. Course sites are all viewable by students in the class by clicking on the Class List. If a student has posted anything a link will be available.

Security Setting for Courses

Settings rarely have to be changed for courses. More...

Security Settings for Personal Portfolios

Personal portfolios can be used in many ways which makes Security settings very important. One of the important considerations is if you are using a WebMeeting, Wiki, WebLog or a Forum in your portfolio you must set Reviewers to provide them access. They will not be able to use these tools without access as a Reviewer. More...


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