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Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate!

for Students and Faculty

Blackboard Collaborate is the University's web meeting software for online classes or student/staff collaboration.

Used primarily in teaching e-Learning courses, Blackboard Collaborate bridges the gap between campus, instructor, and student. It can be used to present guests speakers, hold virtual office hours, and bring together colleagues from all over the US and the World.

To use Blackboard Collaborate, you'll need to follow the set up procedures below.

Blackboard Collaborate Set-up

  • Requires the use of speakers and microphone or a headset
  • Tech Check


Familiarize yourself with one or more of these resources for learning how to use Blackboard Collaborate


Now it's time to try it for yourself!

  • Be sure to have your speakers and microphone or headset plugged in. 
  • Go to your course website at UAS Online and select WebMeeting button.
  • Follow the steps for Audio Setup Wizard
    • In the Blackboard Collaborate Tools menu choose Audio
    • Choose Audio Setup Wizard
    • Follow the Instructions
  • Play with the communication and whiteboard tools. Try printing the screen. 
  • Try saving the whiteboards
    • From the Blackboard Collaborate File menu, choose Save, then Whiteboards
    • Make sure you save a "PDF" file - you will have a document with a whiteboard image on each page
  • Contact the Helpdesk at 877-465-6400 or 796-6400 (in Juneau) 


  • Your class webmeeting session is available to you 24/7
  • You can use it to connect with classmates, any time your instructor does not have it scheduled 


More ...

If you have problems contact the Helpdesk for support toll free at 877-465-6400 or 796-6400 (in Juneau).


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