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UP UAS Online on 2014-06-17
UAS is experiencing intermittent mail delivery issues to some external email destinations. Some messages are also being returned as undeliverable. Technicians are currently investigating the problem.
Updated 2014-06-24 16:06:35 by RCHRISTENSEN2
IMPACTED UAS Online on 2014-04-21
UAS Online login service was unavailable for ~15 minutes after being reported to the Helpdesk @ 11:29am Monday April 23, 2014. Users already logged into UAS online were unaffected.
Updated 2014-04-23 11:43:31 by WWARD10
DOWN UAS Online on 2014-04-13
Updated 2014-04-14 08:47:34 by WWARD10
DOWN UAS Online on 2013-11-04
The UAS Online portal experienced an unexpected outage beginning around 12:05pm. An emergency reboot was required and the system was restored at approximately 12:45pm.
Updated 2013-11-04 13:22:52 by WWARD10
IMPACTED UAS Online on 2013-10-25
Updated 2013-10-25 10:23:14 by CJBENNETT
IMPACTED UAS Online on 2013-09-04
Updated 2013-09-04 18:37:23 by CJBENNETT
IMPACTED UAS Online on 2013-09-03
Updated 2013-09-04 12:55:55 by CJBENNETT
DOWN UAS Online on 2013-06-27
At approximately 10:13am the UAS Online system experienced a resource problem causing a service outage. The system was restored at approximately 10:20am.
Updated 2013-06-27 11:36:29 by WWARD10
UP UAS Online on 2013-06-20
Notice posting: -- Today, at approximately 2:00pm, IT Services personnel, working on power infrastructure with Facilities personnel, briefly lost power to a
Updated 2013-06-21 16:33:23 by CJBENNETT
UP UAS Online on 2013-04-01
It's No Joke - We began tracking this service on the Dashboard Monday, April 1st. Prior tracking of systems can be found in Help Desk Notifications.
Updated 2013-05-03 16:39:25 by WWARD10

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