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UAS ITS announces WhalePrint:, a new print solution for laser printing for students. This new service provides the same printing capabilities while providing a more efficient method for tracking and billing print jobs.  WhalePrint is currently available downstairs in the library. For support, please contact the Classroom Technology & Library Support Desk or Media Services staff.

How the New System Works

  1. Users print from their workstation to the appropriate laser printer. 
  2. Visit the Print Release workstation near the printer you selected. 
  3. Swipe your departmental or student WhaleCard at the release workstation, select the print job from the list and click "print" to release the print job. 
    • Departments may elect to leave a copy of their WhaleCard at Media Services to expedite print job processing.  Please contact Media Services for more information.    
    • All students receive a complimentary $12 allotment per semester.  
    • Cost per letter page of printing: B/W: $.10 Color: $.25.

You will only be charged for print jobs actually released. 

Tracking and billing of print jobs will now be managed by the UAS Business Office. Students can recharge their WhaleCard at the UAS Student Accounts Office (Novatney Rm 215).

How to Get Started!!


Campus lab computers will be ready-to-go. (You are welcome to email your documents to yourself for accessing on a campus computer.)

If you would like your personal computer to be able to print, you will need to install the following program to enable printing to the WB Lab through the WhalePrint system: 

  • COLOR: Windows 32-bit (exe, 24.5 MB) or 64-bit (exe, 26 MB)
  • B&W: Windows 32-bit (exe, 24.5 MB) or 64-bit (zip, 13 MB) 
  • Mac OS X: TBA [Presently, Mac users will need to use a thumb drive or email to print documents from lab computers.]


Faculty / Staff

Obtain your departmental WhaleCard from Media Services. Please contact Media Services if you have any questions.

Staff and Faculty will need to have the WhalePrint driver installed. You can find the installers by copying and pasting the below bold text into the address bar of Windows Explorer (press [Win+E] to open): 

  • B&W: Downstairs Library laser printer: \\\jun-whi208_bw
  • COLOR: Downstairs Library laser printer: \\\jun-whi208_color
  • COLOR: Media Services laser printer: \\\jun-el103_color


If you have challenges installing the printer, please contact the Helpdesk. 


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