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2. Can I obtain a copy of the school's accreditation?

The most recent copy of UAS's accreditation is available from the Provost Website (

3. How can I find what degree programs and other training are offered at UAS?

For a complete listing of degrees, to include Undergraduate, Master's, Graduate Certificates and Occupational Endorsements visit the UAS Academic Catalog.

4. What is the diversity of the student body like at UAS and its Pell Grant recipients?

To view the pell grant, male/female, major racial or ethnic subgroups of UAS please view the UAS Graduation and Transfer Out Rates (29Kb).

5. Are there plans by UAS to assess and if needed improve the academic programs?

Yes. The procedures for program reviews and the program review table are available from the Provost Website (

6. What is your credit transfer policy?

To view the UAS Transfer of Credit Policies visit the Registrar's Website ( This site also has a link to the Transfer Credit Resource Site for courses that have been evaluated from other regionally accredited universities.

8. What are the requirements and procedures for officially withdrawing from school?

For the requirements and procedures please visit our Registrar's Registration Page ( and for return of federal student aid funds during a withdraw see our Financial Aid FAQ (

9. Does UAS have policies and sanctions on copyright infringement?

To view UAS's policy on Copyright and our efforts to protect copyright, please view our Guidelines for Copyright.

10. Are there policies regarding immunizations at UAS?

There are polices on immunizations. Please view our immunizations page for more information.

11. What types of jobs are graduates obtaining?

Check the current employment section on Page 16 of the Graduate Survey (852 KB).

12. I'm considering on moving into student housing. Do you have a fire safety policy?

We do. For the deails view our Fire Plan and Fire Alarm Response information or visit the Student Housing website and the Residence Life Handbook.

13. Is there a missing person policy at UAS?

Yes there is. It's available in the Residence Life Handbook and also posted here.

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