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Links and Information

Below you will find various personnel-related links and information.

The employee section contains information about your benefits and deductions, pay information, tax information, current and past jobs and, time-off balances and history. 

Employee Assistance Program
Trained counselors, who are available around the clock, will help and may guide you to an expert in your area. You may get help with personal concerns, legal and financial issues or day-to-day challenges, such as finding child care or buying a car.

Employee Posters and Notices
University of Alaska - Mandatory Notices

University of Alaska - Board of Regents Policy and Regulations

Wellness Programs
Provides a variety of wellness activities to employees of the University of Alaska

Salary Schedules

Benefit Summaries

Incident Report
File an incident report through the University of Alaska online reporting form

Performance Evaluations

Performance appraisals don't have to be a painful experience. The whole idea is to improve communication between supervisors and employees. The accurate identification, measurement and development of performance can have a major impact on productivity, planning, staffing and budget development. Decisions relating to employee promotion, termination and compensation can be influenced by performance appraisals. How a performance evaluation is done is up to the discretion of the supervisor but the enterable Performance Appraisal Form is provided as a guide and a starting point.

Applying Online

The UA system utilizes an online application. Visit Careers at UA to review an announcement and submit an online application. The video below goes over the application process in detail.


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