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NOTE - this page has not yet been updated for the new Blackboard version 9.1.13 (May 2014) 

Use Course Copy to transfer course material and activities from one course to another.  (When Blackboard courses are on different servers you'll need to Export then Import).

You must be careful when doing a course copy to always copy things that are linked together.  For example, deployed tests are linked to both the grade center and to Tests, Surveys and Pools.  The safest course is to copy everything then delete what you don't want.


  • In the OLD course go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy
  • Brows and select the NEW course and Select All to choose all course components
  • Submit, get a Success message and wait for an email
  • DO NOT EDIT the new course until all material is copied - it's usually best to wait a half hour or more (and to close your browser entirely and log in anew) before editing the NEW course.

More tips and Step-by-Step Instructions


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