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1. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are links to specific topics that are frequently requested. Click on a question to expand it.

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2. How do I link course sections together?

In the Control Panel under Course Tools you'll find the "UAS Course Linker"

Step-by-Step Instructions and Explanation: UAS Course Linker

3. How do I add a test student to my course?

You can create a Guest-Account in UAS Online and enroll them as a student in your course.  Once you've created a guest-account in UAS Online, that "person" must have visited any blackboard course at least once before they will be in the Blackboard database and can be enrolled in your course.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Enrolling a UAS Online guest account as a student in Blackboard.

4. How do I add other users as Students, Instructors or Teaching Assistants?

To add anyone to your Blackboard course site (as Students, Instructors or Teaching Assistants) they need to have visited any UAS Blackboard course at least once (by logging into UAS Online and clicking on a course name for Fall 2012 or later to visit Blackboard as a Guest).

Then you can add their username by:

  • Going to the Control Panel then Users and Groups
  • Click on Users
  • Click on the "Find Users to Enroll" button
  • Type in their UA username (do NOT use browse)
  • Choose their role (Student is default, you can also choose Instructor or Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistants have the same powers as Instructors but are not included in the Classlist - you'll also see helpdesk people appearing as TAs if they enter your course to help.)
  • Click Submit

If you can't find them, then you can use the Browse button to search by last name or user name - sometimes it's a little quirky and you may need to go back and just type in the username that you found rather than "choosing" them with the Browse button.

To change someone's role AFTER they are on your User list - use the drop-down menu next to their name.

  • Anyone added manually will NOT automatically have the course listed on their UAS Online course list - they will need to search for it.  They can click the small "bookmark" link next to the course name to save it to their course list.
  • Instructors or TAs who are not in Banner must also be added as moderators to the Webmeeting - Click on the Webmeeting link and then the Webmeeting Settings button - add their usernames as moderators.

To add someone who does not have a UA username - see the item "Adding a UAS Online Guest Account as a Student" - follow the same instructions and you can choose any role for them.

5. How do I add a WebMeeting to my portfolio?

You can add a webMeeting (Blackboard Collaborate) to any page on your UAS Online portfolio. These WebMeetings are by default open to the public so you can use them for professional meetings, for online office hours involving multiple classes, etc.

Step-by-step Instructions: Add a WebMeeting to a UAS Online Portfolio page (pdf)

6. What exactly do "Due Dates" do? How do I manage them?

You have the option to set Due Dates for Tests, Assignments, Grade Discussions, or any column in the gradebook.

  • Due dates appear prominently in the students view of the gradebook ("My Grades")
  • Due dates do NOT necessarily enforce anything - you have the option to decide whether students can still submit work after the due date.  You can also make "exceptions" for individual students.
  • If it is a computer graded test (such as a multiple choice quiz) then there will be a "needs grading" symbol instead of a score - the instructor must review and accept the quiz.
  • Due dates appear in the Blackboard Calendar! 
  • You can run reports or use the Early Warning System to find out what has been turned in after the due date

You can set or reset ALL your due dates at once!

In the Control Panel, go to Course Tools then look for "Set Grade Center Due Dates".  This will give you a page on which you can set all due dates (using the default time of 11:59 pm) and also make items available/unavailable.

NOTE - May 2014 - at this time the function to make items unavailable in the Set Grade Center Due Dates tool does not appear to work (you can uncheck boxes and submit but the item status does not actually change.

7. Can I create a test course to experiment with?

Yes!  Faculty and staff can create test course in the "Test" semester. Courses in the "Test" semester are on the same server as normal semester courses and content may be copied to other courses.  These courses should be used for experimentation or advance development of new courses - they would not be used for teaching.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Create a test course.


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