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Adobe Presenter is a plug-in for the Windows version of Powerpoint that allows you to create slideshow presentations with audio narration.  It makes it easy to record audio narration, to edit your audio, and even to time the audio to match animations on your slides.

Download and Install the Adobe Presenter plug-in

The Adobe Connect Server has been upgraded to version 9.  The old version can no longer publish to the server - you will need to update your plug-in.

We have both the Presenter 9 and Presenter 10 plug-ins available for UAS faculty and staff.

You will need to use Adobe Presenter 9 if you have PowerPoint 2007 or a Windows Operating system earlier than Windows 7. Otherwise you can opt for Presenter 10.

Adobe Presenter 9 -

Adobe Presenter 10 -

Download link and license number for Adobe Presenter (requires UAS login)

NOTE - this is a very large download (over 2 Gigabytes) - if you are having trouble downloading contact your campus to ask about alternative ways of getting the software)

To publish to the Adobe Connect Server UAS faculty and staff must:

  • Go to the Adobe Connect Server ( and login using your UAS username and password
  • AFTER logging in at least once - contact the UAS helpdesk ( and ask for "publishing permission to the Adobe Connect server"
  • Within Presenter, add the UAS Adobe Connect Server to your list of servers  - see the Frequently Asked Questions.  There you'll also find step-by-step instructions for publishing to the UAS server and placing a link in your Blackboard course.

For more about Adobe Presenter see :


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