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May 27, 2015 - Respondus is currently not connecting directly to UAS Blackboard.  Juneau IT is working to fix this - see below for a work-around.

There is a work-around where you can save your test as a zip file then load that to Blackboard.  Juneau IT is working on this and we will update the "pre-configured settings".  At that time you'll need to install add a new pre-configured server.

Please install all updates for Respondus - including the latest "hot fix" - if you have used the "pre-configured settings" for the UAS Blackboard server your life will get much easier because you will no longer need to update the license information each year for the Campus Wide license.

Respondus: What is it?

Respondus is a Windows program which lets you create and manage tests

  • Create tests in Word (you can even insert pictures in the questions!)
  • Tests can be easily uploaded to Blackboard
  • Tests can also be printed
  • Use Respondus to export tests and reports

Where do you get it?

UAS has an annual site license for Respondus. Download and licensing information is found on the site below.  The license renews in July - you will need to return and get a new installation password each year.

Getting Started

The information below will help you get started. 

More help (from Respondus)

Alternatives for Mac users

An alternative way to generate a file for importing tests is to use this Online Blackboard Test Generator from BYU-Idaho.


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