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Moving Older UAS Online to Blackboard

UAS Online ( is the portal to our Learning Management System (LMS): Blackboard. Students and faculty access their course sites by logging into UAS Online. After you or your students login, you will see a list of links to your courses. Click on the link to any course (offered since Fall 2012) and you'll be in your Blackboard course site. Older course sites are still be available and their format has not changed.

Menu links to the left will take you to the newer Blackboard documentation. The links below are useful if you are importing content or tests from an older UAS Online course to a newer Blackboard course site.

NOTE: This section of the website has been "frozen". Some of the screenshots and images in this section have not been updated from an older version of Blackboard, but the changes are slight.

All of these pages open in a new window or frame - return to this window to access additional pages.


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