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1. How do I "Hide" Collaborate Recordings in the New Collaborate Version (Aug 2015)

You can hide recordings from students by Editing the settings for the recording.  You will restrict access to yourself only and then the recording will be hidden from anyone else who has not been granted access.

  • Go to the Blackboard Collaborate Session Manager (may be the Webmeeting link in your course if it is set up to use the new version of Collaborate)
  • Click on the Recordings Link and find the recording you wish to hide
  • With your mouse over the recording name use the circle/arrow menu and choose "Edit Recording".  (Note this edits the settings for the recording it does not actually let you edit the recording.)  See image below.
  • You may wish to rename the session - otherwise there is no visible indicator that the recording is hidden
  • Scroll down and find the section "Roles and Access".  Check the box next to "Restrict Access to this session".  See image below.
  • If you want it hidden from everyone but yourself, then do not add additional Participants
  • Submit

The recording will still be visible to you but will simply not show to other Participants (unless you added their name to grant access).  The links to the mp3 and mp4 files will also not show.  It is a good idea to rename the recording by adding the word "Hidden" or other designation to remind yourself that access to this recording is restricted.

Edit Recording       Restrict Access to Recording

2. Security settings are not letting Collaborate (or older Elluminate recordings) for me or my students. It there anything to be done?

Older recordings may run into problems with current security Java settings.  The two documents below explain how to change the Java security settings on a Mac or in Windows.

Note: About updating Java - updating past version 7 is not necessary to run the current version of Blackboard collaborate and version 8 may cause some issues in Mac OS.  

The sites that need to be added to the Java exception list for Blackboard/Collaborate are and - note the https in the URL.

3. How do I add a Webmeeting to my Portfolio?

Aug 2015 - at this time only the older version of Collaborate can be used in the portfolio system

You can add a webMeeting (Blackboard Collaborate) to any page on your UAS Online portfolio. These WebMeetings are by default open to the public so you can use them for professional meetings, for online office hours involving multiple classes, etc.

Step-by-step Instructions: Add a WebMeeting to a UAS Online Portfolio page (pdf)


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