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Blackboard Collaborate - updates!

August 2015 - A new version of Blackboard Collaborate has just been added to UAS Blackboard. Fall 2015 Course will still have the old "Webmeeting" and "Webmeeting Archive" links but faculty may choose to keep these hidden and substitute the new version by adding it to their course menu.

  • The old version will still have issues with Java security settings and updates.  Mac users with newer operating systems will still have to do work-arounds to load PowerPoint
  • The new version requires a one time installation (by both faculty and students on every computer they will use to attend class.  This does NOT require administrative access to install but some people on computers with added security restrictions may need help to install it.

Recordings of previous Elluminate and Collaborate sessions will be available through Fall 2015 semester. 

More details and instructions for how to use the new version

UPDATE = for most people Administrative access will NOT be required to install the Launcher program for the new Collaborate.  The pdfs below have not been updated to reflect this but the video has (Sept 3 2015)

 Guides and demos for Blackboard Collaborate moderators:


  • This version uses the "Launcher" program instead of your computers Java, thus avoiding problems with Java updates and version. However it requires both you and your students to be able to install this program (or have someone else install it one time).
  • Testing Room for 1st time users: visit this room to install the Launcher program and test your computer


To use the old version simply use the existing Webmeeting  and Webmeeting Archive links in your class (you must show link as usual). 

  • The best way to test your computer and security settins is to enter a webmeeting.  If your version of Java is 7 or higher then you do not need to update Java.  If you do not have Java installed then visit this page.  It may report your Java version is out of date but try entering the old legacy webmeeting before you actually update.  If prompted to update answer "Later".  
  • There are Java security settings issues with the old version – this link should be sent to your students to explain how to change the Java security settings
  • Instructions for changing Java Security Settings
  • Faculty using the old version of Collaborate and Macintosh computers with newer operating systems will have trouble loading PowerPoints into the collaborate room (this is solved in the new version).  The solution is to Save your PowerPoint as jpg, use the Load button to browse to the resulting folder, use Command-A to select all, then load the jpg files.
  • Collaborate (old version) runs on version of Java 7 and above.  If your Java version is 8.40 or higher (in the old version) then there is a bug that makes the chat text very tiny. 

Additional information and resources


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