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UA Strategic Pathways
Budget Contingency Planning & Strategic Pathways
FY19-20 Proposed Tuition Increases
FY19 Proposed Operating Budget
FY19 Proposed Capital Budget

FY18 Budget Planning
FY17 & FY18 Budget Discussion
FY17 & FY18 Budget Discussion
FY17 Budget Planning
FY17 Proposed Operating Budget Distribution Plan
FY17 Proposed Capital Budget Distribution Plan
FY17 Governor's Annual Budget Book
FY17 BoR Annual Budget Requests (Redbook)
FY17 Budget Development - Early Considerations & Overview
FY17 Budget Development Calendar
Financial Scorecard
FY16 Budget Actions & Impacts
FY16 Budget Impacts Presentation
FY16 Budget Impact & FY17 Groundwork Overview
FY16 Authorized Operating & Capital Budget (Yellowbook)
FY16 Operating & Capital Budget Distribution Plans
FY16 Operating Budget Development Guidelines
FY16 Capital Budget Development Guidelines
FY16 Contingency Budget Planning Process
Financial Scorecard
UA Deferred Maintenance & Renewal

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