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Art Meets Science

Editor’s Note: Two years ago UAS began offering a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Art. Katerina Kuntz-Tada is the first graduate with a double major in both Art and Biology.

Photo of Katerina Kuntz-TadaI began my college career fourteen years ago as a biology major working towards physical therapy.  I’ve always been surrounded by nature, and UAS fostered that bond.  We have access to lakes, rivers, glaciers, sea, mountains, and trails all in our backyards.  I was able to completely immerse myself in the beautiful environment here.  I found, however, that my life-long appreciation and enjoyment of art was also well within reach.  Juneau has a great artist community, and with the new BA in Art program at UAS there exists a fantastic juxtaposition of art education and a culture willing to embrace the arts.

Though my career plans have changed for now, my fascination for biology and my desire to create art have led me to complete both programs with a goal towards scientific illustration.  UAS has been a welcoming and nurturing school.  The friends and peers have provided great support, knowledge, and critique over the years.  The faculty is amazing and provides great feedback and assistance.  I’ve learned so much about my surroundings, and the different media to explore has given me a solid base from which to launch myself.  The great thing about science and art, is that they’re both all about experimentation, and UAS has provided a wonderful laboratory and confidence to take myself through whatever doors open before me.