Each intern receives a stipend of approximately $5000 (which is taxable). This is paid in four installments during the semester.  Stipend payments depend upon the student receiving satisfactory evaluations from their office supervisor, regular attendance at the Internship Seminar, and turning in all seminar assignments on the dates required.

UAA and UAF Relocation Allowance

To aid in covering the costs of relocating to Juneau for the session/semester, UAA and UAF students receive a relocation allowance for airfare or ferry and basic moving costs. For UAF students this is about $800, for UAA students it is about $700.

Funds Necessary for Relocating

Interns need to bring sufficient funds to set up housing in Juneau and to tide them over until they receive their student loan and/or the first installment of their stipend.

Interns in previous years have commented on the fact that they underestimated the amount of funds needed to set up in Juneau and to tide them over. So be sure to have sufficient funds available!


Although students receive a stipend for their participation in the program, they are still required to pay the cost of tuition for the credits they receive as part of the internship program.  Tuition can be paid at UAS, UAF, or UAA.

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