Each year, some funding for student stipends is available.  In 2015, 15 students received stipends, and in 2016, we anticipate granting 9 to 10 stipends.  During the admissions process, the internship admissions committee considers each applicant for a stipend award, taking into account both need and merit.  Some students may be admitted into the program without stipends, in which case they have the option to participate in the internship and seminar if they can secure funding for tuition and expenses elsewhere. 

Stipends are approximately $5000 (taxable).  Stipends are paid in three disbursements during the Spring semester (see schedule on our Home Page) and depend upon students receiving satisfactory evaluations from their legislative office supervisor, regular attendance in the Internship Seminar, and timely submission of internship work.

UAA and UAF Relocation Allowance

To help cover the cost of relocating to Juneau for the legislative session, UAA and UAF students awarded stipends also receive a small relocation allowance.  This is around $800 for students at UAF and around $700 for students at UAA.

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