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UA is moving to a single Blackboard system

On April 14th, President Johnsen presented a set of decisions to SW staff based on the work of the Statewide Transformation Team.  Among these was the decision to move all of UA to a single Blackboard Learn system.  Technicians are hard at work building the system so that UA faculty can test the system as soon as possible.

This project migration page will help to communicate and keep UAS users informed on the transition and answer many general questions.

Things we know:

  • All UA classes will be delivered through the new UA Blackboard environment beginning the Spring-2017 semester.  Fall-2016 semester will remain on the UAS Blackboard server.
  • Spring-2017 course sites will be available in early November.  Faculty will have limited access prior to the end October.
  • Students and faculty will continue to be able to access their classes directly from the links provided at the top of every UAS web page and through the UAS web portal.
  • The new address will be
  • The plan is to migrate content from prior semesters to the new Blackboard server.  
  • Going forward, there will be an opportunity for faculty to have input on how the UA-wide system will be enhanced.

April to May

  • Mid April:
    • President Johnsen announces decision to Statewide Staff
    • Technical groups informed of decision and directed to fast-track the project
  • Late April: Notification of decision sent to UAS community
  • Early May: Clarification from President Johnsen regarding Fall 2016 classes; UAS Fall class sites made available.

May to September

  • Technical work teams formed
  • System configuration
  • System performance and tuning
  • Data Migration testing

Implementation Plan

  • Early October: Instructional Designers invited to review and test in the new environment
  • Mid October: Faculty gain access to the new environment
  • End of October: Spring-2017 courses created
  • October – November: Prior semester (pre-Fall-2016) courses moved
  • End of October: Spring Courses created and available to students
  • Spring 2017: Fall-2016 courses moved
  • Late Spring 2017: UAS Blackboard turned off


  • Technical teams are working to make legacy webmeeting recordings accessible in the new SIBL environment. More information will be forthcoming.

When can I access my Spring-2017 classes?

The spring 2017 course shells will be populated in early November.

What happens to content from prior semesters?

UA technicians will be working to move as much data as possible from prior semester into the new system.  Due to the complexity, this work will not happen until after the new system is set up and running.

When will the current UAS Blackboard system be shut down?

The current UAS system will be shut down  after all courses running on it have ended and the data has been transferred.

What happens to the UAS web portal?

Starting in Fall 2015, students and faculty no longer needed to access Blackboard through the web portal.  Going forward, logging into the portal will not be required; however, users still have the option of doing so.

Being logged into the UAS single-sign-on will continue to provide benefits such as direct access to course web sites from any UAS web page.



Collaborate content migration

The final solution for the Collaborate content migration has not yet been implemented. If you would like to have past recordings made available on your course site, please contact the Helpdesk for a workaround. We expect that the final migration of existing collaborate materials will be finalized early in 2017.

Course Linking Functionality

The programming of the system tool for course linking / stacking has been delayed. As a stand-in solution, the UAS course linking tool has been enabled to allow faculty to set up their courses. 



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