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Google handles mail a little differently than your Outlook client. To minimize errors during the migration process, consider performing a little folder management and clean-up prior to migrating your data from our Exchange server to Google Apps.

New Change: Google supports a labeling system for organizing mail (vs Exchange's use of created subfolders). Nested folders will be "labeled" with all the folder names where messages are organized. The new labeling system will still allow users to organize and retrieve information. Outlook will still display labels as a folder structure.

1. Remove special characters from your Outlook folder structures.
The removal of special characters will ensure the smoothest conversion of folders and messages.

2. Move Inbox subfolders to another location.
Moving your Inbox subfolders will result in properly named labels.

3. Delete unwanted and/or unnecessary emails and empty your “Deleted Items”.
A little cleanup will help reduce the amount of data and amount of time to migrate your content to Google. After you have cleaned up old emails, right-click the “Deleted Items” folder and select “Empty Folder” from the drop-down menu.

4. Turn off Cached Exchange Mode.
Cached Exchange Mode controls how much content is located locally vs on the server, and interferes with migration. It can be turned off by accessing Account settings, selecting the account from the Email tab, and clicking Change. Beneath the Offline settings is a checkbox for Use Cached Exchange Mode; make sure this is OFF, then restart Outlook.  


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