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On April 14th, President Johnson presented a set of decisions to SW staff based on the work of the Statewide Transformation Team.  Among these was the following:

“Establish single email and calendar solution through Google Apps to streamline communications and calendaring.”

The presentation stipulated that the Google project was to be completed in 30 days (May 14th). 

This project migration website will help to communicate and keep UAS users informed on the transition and answer many general questions.

Things We Know:  

The May 12th migration will only impact individual user mailboxes and calendars.  Shared mailboxes, resources calendars, distribution lists, etc. will move later.

  • New mail will be delivered to Google starting Friday, May 13th.
  • Current addresses will continue to work.
  • New are no longer being created.
  • Voicemail can be retrieved from your handset or accessing your old Exchange mailbox.
  • Information on how to share your mailbox and calendar can be located on the FAQ tab.

Please visit the Google Migration page on how to migrate your Exchange account to Google.

5/9/2016:  Notification sent to the UAS community on the Google project including an invitation for early adopters to transition before Friday.

5/13/2016: Processes kicked off to switch personal UAS Exchange account settings to Google.

5/16/2016 - 5/20/2016: Processes kicked off to transition patron/sponsored/alumni Exchange account settings to Google.

5/23/2016:  Research and development underway to transition shared departmental Exchange email and calendars to Google.

7/21/2016: Automated campus distribution lists were migrated to Google.

8/12/2016: Setup of manual distribution lists and creation of shared departmental email has begun.  These new addresses are being forwarded to as we wait to migrate shared mailboxes to Google.   

Week 1: (May 2nd – May 6th)

  •        Create project web site
  •        Distribute information to Exchange users on the migration tools available, options for continuing use of Outlook with Google, and how they might transition early.
  •        Begin updating Helpdesk web sites.
  •        Update account management processes to stop the provisioning of Exchange accounts for new UAS users
  •        Research and development on Google capabilities for departments and backend processes.

Week 2: (May 9th – May 13th)

  • Rewrite all mail routing code to disallow selecting Exchange as a mail destination
  • Implement updated interface in ELMO and implement changed code on UAS, UAA and OIT servers
  • Develop technology to push email forwarding to UAS user population.

Friday, May 13

  • Send final mass-notification to UAS users reminding them of the transition.
  • Post reminders on UAS web sites, web portal and IT Facebook feed
  • Place recorded message on IT Helpdesk phone
  • Launch mail forwarding process to individually forward each users email

Post Transition

  • Continue to update project and Helpdesk web sites
  • Follow up on any issues
  • Continue to assist users with client reconfiguration and data migration
  • Institute ongoing training activities
  • Commence phase 2, focusing first on distribution lists and departmental/shared accounts.

The following FAQ list pertains to the transition project.  For a more general list of FAQs, visit the OIT Google support page.

General Information


Will my current email address still work?

Yes! Existing addresses will now forward to your preferred mail address, defaulting to UA Google.

How do I access Google?

You have several options.

1) From Outlook. Visit the Google Migration page for more information.

2) From the web. Google can be accessed from the MyUAS ribbon at the top of every UAS webpage. To will automatically connect if you are already logged into the Single Sign On or prompt you if you are not authenticated. You can also connect by going to UA Google. Visit the Google Migration page on how to move your existing content.

Will I use the same login?

Yes! Your UA username and password will work to login to your Google Apps.

How much storage space will I have in Google?

Unlike Exchange, Google mail is Unlimited!

Is there a size limit for mail messages?

Yes. The message size limit is 25 Mbs. If you need to send larger attachments, you can use Google Drive.


Clients and Content


What about my current mail and calendar info?

You have the choice of migrating your existing data if you so desire. Google provides a tool to help Outlook users migrate and synchronize their data. Mac Mail can be used to migrate mail content.

The Google Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool (formerly GASMO) does 3 things:

  • It migrates your Exchange data to your Google account.
  • It creates a new Outlook profile to your Google account.
  • It downloads a copy of your Google mail/calendar data to your local hard drive and uses it to synchronize your Outlook client with your Google account.

Do I have to use Outlook?

No. Google Apps can also be accessed through the Google Web pages by visiting UA Google.

I'm a Mac user. Can I connect to Google from my Mac?

Yes.  Mac Mail (or Stamp Mail) is the recommended client for accessing your Google mailbox on a Mac.  

  1. Open up Mac Mail.
  2. On the tool bar, click on Mail and then Preferences
  3. Go to the Accounts tab across the top of the window.
  4. Click the + button on the bottom left of the widow
  5. Select the Google mail provider and click continue
  6. Sign in with your
  7. Sign in with your UA credentials.

See the UAS Google Migration page for information on how to copy mail from your UAS Exchange account to Google.

Will all my Exchange calendar meetings migrate?

Yes. The Google/Outlook Sync tool will migrate your calendar information. There are a few caveats. See the Known Issues tab for more information.

Can I still use Outlook?

Yes. Existing Outlook users will be able to continue to use Outlook to access their Google account. There will be a change to some functionality.

Can I still use Thunderbird for my mail client?

Yes. You will need to configure a new Thunderbird profile that connects to Google. Visit the OIT Desktop Client Instructions.

Can I search for UAS addresses from Outlook?

Yes. You will need to configure your Outlook client to search the UAS directory. See the Google Migration page.

How do I connect back to the old Exchange server?

You may find yourself needing to access the UAS Exchange server to access a shared departmental mailbox or calendar.

Option 1: Use the OWA web interface by connecting to

Option 2: Outlook Users:  If you used the Google Suite Sync for Microsoft Office (GSSMO) migration tool, it created two profiles: one to Google and one to the UAS Exchange server. To connect, quit Outlook and relaunch. When prompted to select an Outlook profile, select "Outlook" instead of "Google Apps." 


Other Features


What about shared accounts, departmental email addresses, room calendars, etc.

Initially, these resources will NOT be migrated and will continue to receive content in Exchange. In order to access shared resources, you will need to use OWA or Outlook to connect back to the old Exchange server.

Can I continue to access my voice mail through my Google e-mail?

No, this functionality is not available in Google. UAS is currently researching alternatives. In the short-term, voice mail messages will continue to deliver to Exchange. You can access messages either through the telephone handset or by connecting back to Exchange.

What about distribution lists? (all students, employees, etc.)

For now, distribution lists will continue to run on the Exchange server. To send to these lists, you will need to connect to Exchange via Outlook or OWA.

I currently allow other people to add things to my Exchange calendar. How can they continue to do so?

You can share your Google calendar with others and designate the level of access from view only to full access.

From UA Google

  1. Click the Google Apps icon in the upper right.
  2. Click "Calendar."
  3. Click the Gear icon in the upper right.
  4. Click "Settings."
  5. Select the "Calendars" tab.
  6. Click "Shared: Edit settings" for the calendar
  7. Under Share with specific people, enter the person's email address (e.g.
  8. Select the appropriate level of Permission Setting.
  9. Click "Add Person."
  10. Repeat steps until all people are entered.
  11. Please also review the "Share this calendar with others" setting.
  12. Click "Save"

My assistant currently monitors my email from Outlook. How can they continue to do this?

You will be able to share your email with assistants and co-workers.

From UA Google

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right.
  2. Click "Settings."
  3. Click the "Accounts and Import" tab.
  4. Locate “Grant access to your account.”
  5. Click "Add another account."
  6. Enter the other individual’s account.
  7. Click "Next Step >>"
  8. Click "Send email to grant access."
  9. An email confirmation will be sent to their account.
  10. Upon the other individual clicking the confirm link, there is up to a 30 minute processing time.

Where did my Out of Office Assistant go in Outlook?

Outlook's Out of Office Assistant feature doesn't work with Google Suite Sync. You can still set your vacation reply by visiting your Google settings.


General Issues

Please feel free to visit the Google document on a detailed list of KNOWN ISSUES with the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office tool.

Additional information about unsupported Google calendar features, click HERE.


Remove special characters from folder names.

It is highly recommended users remove special characters from mail folder names for a smoother transition.

Remove Inbox Sub-folders

Users are encouraged to move sub-folders within the Inbox to another location.

Migration tool needs lots of space.

Verify you have at least 2x the amount of free space on your local drive before you run the Google Apps Synchronization Tool for Microsoft Office.

Disable shared mailboxes before migration.

Remember to disconnect from any shared mailbox before you migrate. Otherwise, the Google tool will make a copy of the shared accounts in your individual Google account.

Sent items do not have "to" addresses

This is a known issue, where an indeterminate number of sent emails do no have "to" addresses, after migrating.  We are currently researching the issue.

Mail didn't migrate

Many factors can cause mail not to properly migrate.  Make sure that Cached Exchange Mode is off in Outlook, ensure that you elected not to set a time frame in the Google Apps tool, and make sure that your internet connection isn't disrupted while migrating.  

Outlook Issues


Mail filters do not migrate or sync.

Mail filters created in Outlook will not migrate to Google.  You can recreate your mail filters in either Outlook or in the Google web interface.

Nested folders are not supported in Google

Nested folders are converted to nested labels.  They will display in Outlook as if they were nested folders.

Adding a shared Exchange account to Outlook stops working.

Adding an Exchange account (mailbox or calendar) to your Google profile in Outlook experiences intermittent problems.  We recommend users either quit Outlook to switch between the Google and old Exchange profile or access Exchange through the web interface at


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