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1. Senate President

Clause One: Shall have the executive authority of USUAS-JC and shall administer its affairs, and enforce the acts of the Student Senate.

Clause Two: Will act as the official representative and have signature authority for USUAS-JC. 6

Clause Three: Will represent or appoint with simple majority approval of the Student Senate a Student Senator to represent the Student Senate in the Coalition of Student Leaders.

Clause Four: Will represent or appoint with simple majority approval of the Student Senate a
USUAS-JC member to represent this organization in all university committees
accepting a USUAS-JC member.

Clause Five: Will preside over meetings of the Student Senate and will have full voting privileges. Clause Six: Will approve the final decision of the committee chairs.

2. Senate Vice President

Clause One: Will become President upon the resignation, impeachment, recall or incapacity of
the President.

Clause Two: Will perform the duties of the President in the temporary unavailability or inability of the President.

Clause Three: Will serve as Chair of the Board of Elections unless a candidate in an upcoming
election. If unqualified to serve as Chair, the Senate President will appoint an
Acting Chair to be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the Student Senate.

Clause Four: Will maintain appointments to the Assembly for the three (3) seats on the Board of Elections.

Clause Five: Will chair USUAS-JC Activities Committee and help supervise the student
government activities coordinator position.

Clause Six: Will be chair of Legislative Affairs Committee and will be the LegislativeLiaison.

3. Student Senators

Clause One: On behalf of the membership of USUAS-JC, the Senate will initiate and act upon
legislation, including proposals to appropriate USUAS-JC funds.

  • Sub-Clause One: Any financial appropriations not needing attention or action prior to the next meeting will only be read at the first meeting. These motions may be followed up with a second reading at a subsequent meeting whereupon voting can occur. Limited discussion of five minutes will be allowed at the first reading.

Clause Two: For any vote on any motion to appropriate USUAS-JC funds, the USUAS-JC official advisor or designee must be present so as to assure the proposed action
will be within University policy and regulation.

Clause Three: Student Senators will serve on at least two USUAS-JC standing committees.

Clause Four: At the first Student Senate meeting of each new fiscal year and/or the first meeting following the first Fall semester election, the Student Senate will elect from the Student Senate’s membership, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, a Pro-Tempore who will chair the meetings in the absence of the SenatePresident and Vice President, and who will temporarily assume the duties and responsibilities of that office as Acting Senate Vice President should a vacancy occur. The Student Senate will fill vacancies in the Pro-Tempore position as necessary using the same voting procedure.


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