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Jesse Miller

USUAS-JC Senator  
Student Government


Mourant Bldg 124, Juneau Campus



Elected Fall 2017

Jesse Miller

What position are you running for?
Vice President

How do you plan to enhance student life at UAS?
I’ve been working on being a voice for students so when issues comes up, we can make a direct appeal and work on making changes happen.

Why are you running for student government?
I’ve seen things that I wanted to change. And if those things are going to be changed, I’ll have to do it myself.

Why do you think you are qualified to run for student government?
I was a senator last spring so I have some experience in student government. But what makes me believe why I qualify is because I want to pass bills that will benefit students.

What is something that would make UAS a better institution?
UAS is trying to hard to be a true college and is forgetting that it was a fun school with outdoor programs, fun classes and skills that students could apply out of their major.

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