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Breanna Walker

USUAS-JC President 
Student Government


Mourant Bldg 124, Juneau Campus



Elected Fall 2017

Bre Walker

What position are you running for?
Vice President

How do you plan to enhance student life at UAS?
I would like to create more opportunities and experiences for all students and community members. I want to help students create projects and events that foster our relationships with each other as peers, our relationships with faculty and staff, and relationship to this place.

Why are you running for student government?
I am running for Vice President because I love the UAS community and I see this as an opportunity to give my time back in a powerful way before I graduate. This campus feels like home to me, and I want to ensure it feels that way for everyone.

Why do you think you are qualified to run for student government?
I am qualified for this position because I have a lot of experience working with others and organizing. I am an active member of Sustainability Club and have been involved with local organizations as well.

What is something that would make UAS a better institution?
I think that creating more opportunities for students to connect with one another and this place would greatly benefit our campus. Specifically, a campus garden would provide a unique way for students to grow and learn together. I also feel strongly that our campus would benefit from more connections to local foods. UAS would also benefit from improving our sustainability. This can take many forms from tackling issues of food waste, providing students with resources to make more sustainable decisions in their own lives. Finally, I think all students would benefit frommore stress and anxiety tackling resources.

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