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Haley Shervey

USUAS-JC Vice President Pro-Tempore 
Student Government


Mourant Bldg, Juneau Campus



Elected Fall 2017

Haley Shervey

What position are you running for?

How do you plan to enhance student life at UAS?
As an artist myself, I would love to enhance student life at UAS by advocating for the arts and for self-expression. More opportunities for student showcases both at school and in the community, as well as the use of art and other media to communicate research and ideas, are important topics that I support as a candidate.

Why are you running for student government?
I want to be involved in the UAS community, so I am running for student government to represent the students and advocate for important values like safety, equality, and inclusivity. As an artist and a member of the LGBT community, I also strongly advocate for representing the views and interests of those groups.

Why do you think you are qualified to run for student government?
As a student at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, I was captain of the Debate team, co-leader of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and head video editor for our student news program. I have dynamic experience working with other students, as well as administration, on both complex social issues and engaging activities. Though I’m new to University of Alaska, I bring solid leadership experience with me as a senate candidate.

What is something that would make UAS a better institution?
UAS has made important strides to creating a safe and inclusive environment, but maintaining and building on that work is vital. I strongly support any initiative to increase understanding and compassion for social issues while ensuring respect and safety for all students.


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