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Student Government Programs and Opportunities


All students enrolled at the University of Alaska-Southeast who pay the Juneau campus student Governance Fee will be members of USUAS-JC and shall be referred to as the Student Body. One of the main duties of the USUAS-JC is to advocate on behalf of the Student Body. If there is an issue you would like addressed by the USUAS-JC, please feel free to contact us or stop by our office.

Travel Grants

With support from all Student Senate members, the Rules and Finance Committee will administer up to 8 travel disbursements to provide funding for educational opportunities to students with limited financial resources. There is a $400 limit per student per School year. Students must prove that the activity/event reflects the educational purpose of the department representing them in person to the Student Government or the Rules and Finance Committee. Students will provide the committee with a letter of intent, including all dates, approximate expenses, and lodging per diem, as well as two reference letters and a W-9 form to complete processing. Students will formally share their travel experience upon their return by writing an article for the Whalesong, making a formal presentation at the Lecture Hall, or another negotiable service. No more than three students may receive travel grants for the same activity/event. If you are interested in learning more about our Travel Grant or applying for a travel grant, please come visit us in the Student Government Office in the lower Mourant building or call us at (907)796-6313. Download the application packet here.

Full and Part-Time Scholarships

Each year the USUAS-JC provides funds for full and part-time student scholarships, to be awareded by the UAS Financial Aid Office. To qualify for the scholarships, students must be registered in at least 6 or 12 credits Juneau credits. For more information, please contact the UAS Financial Aid Office at 796-6255 or

ISEP-Exchange Scholarships

Each academic year (Fall plus Spring Semester), USUAS-JC will fund two (2) two thousand dollar ($2000) scholarships to qualifying student body members who are enrolled each semester in twelve or more on-going credit hours and are participating in the ISEP-Exchange program. If you are interested you must complete a scholarship application which will be reviewed by the Academic Exchange Office, and Student Government. If you are interested in learning more please contact Marsha Squires at (907) 796-6455 or email at

Campus Clubs

Campus Clubs are organized and operated through the USUAS-JC. Each year the USUAS-JC allocates 5% of their total budget towards supporting campus clubs, and may also have additional funds available for club projects or on request. Clubs officially recognized by the USUAS-JC have access to certain resources not available to unofficial clubs, including free color printing, room reservations, advertisement on the UAS website, and more. For more information on clubs, including starting a club, please see the Campus Clubs website.


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