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Comedian Entertains Students at the REC Center

About Alaskans he joked: "you’ve got glaciers, but not glazed donuts."

By: Randi Spray

  On Sat. Jan. 24 comedian Michael Palascak, winner of Comedy Central’s Open Mic Night: Chicago, performed at the REC Center for a crowd of over 60 students.
  Palascak entertained with hilarious anecdotes about college life, living with his parents and avoiding the real world.
  “The only thing I know about Capitalism is if I see a dot, the next word is capitalized," Palascak, an English major, jested. Moving on, Palascak commented that alcohol was like "liquid Halloween. Who am I going to be tonight?" and compared job interviews and funerals stating, "I wear a suit, cry a little bit and apologize to someone."
  Poking fun at himself, Palascak said that the two people he was most often compared to were Michael Phelps and Tom from Myspace. And about Alaskans he joked: "you’ve got glaciers, but not glazed donuts".
Michael is originally from Wabash, Ind., and he got into comedy because he knew he "wanted to do something like it" in the performing arts. As a stranger new to Chicago, he would go to Open Mic Nights to meet people.
  Since then he’s won Comedy Central’s Open Mic Night, HBO’s Lucky 21 and has performed in the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival and Comedy Central’s Live Night at Gotham.
  Palascak has also appeared on several radio shows and his website’s calendar shows that he’s been performing at many colleges.
  When asked about it, Palascak said that he enjoyed performing at colleges because students are smart, but "sometimes it’s hard because kids at college don’t expect it."
  Palascak also said that Alaska is his favorite state. “There’s so much cool stuff here. There’s a glacier. I walked on the lake."
  Members of the Student Activity Board hiked out to the Mendenhall Glacier with Palascak before his show, taking him to the ice caves.
  The REC Center also hosts numerous other entertainment events.
  0n Feb. 14, the REC will be hosting a concert featuring "Missed by a Long Shot" at 8:00 p.m. and instead of the traditionally held SAA Dinner & A Movie, Dinner & a Concert featuring "One Aisle Over" will take place on Feb. 28 at 7:00 p.m..
  Keep your eyes open for more exciting events at the REC.

  Visit Michael Palascak’s website at: or myspace at:

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