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Thunder Mountain Theatre Project Presents Dying City, R&J
Despite being slightly over-acted, the play is intriguing and thought provoking. It is very well written and keeps the audience guessing as to the true nature of the characters’ lives, down to the last moment.

[Opinion] Gran Torino
Gran Torino touches on social issues and issues of racial prejudice. Through all of the grit and vulgarity of the film, Eastwood’s overall message leaves the audience compelled and moved to tears.

Comedian Entertains Students at the REC Center
About Alaskans he joked: "you’ve got glaciers, but not glazed donuts."

Banksy Showcases Guerilla Art
Banksy is a world-wide phenomenon... yet with all this, Banksy remains elusive and unnamed. No one knows who he is, where he came from, or even what year he was born.

UAS Reverses Decision to Cut TRiO
As of late December, the office of the Provost has given TRiO their approval to reapply for the grant to aid the program here on the UAS campus. The total number of students actively participating in the TRiO program is up to 173, more than the minimum student requirement.

[Opinion] Radio, Reinvented
I grew up listening to the radio. One could argue it’s in my blood, the first civilian to operate a trans-Atlantic radio was my great grandfather or some-such.

UAS, Eaglecrest Provide Affordable Lift Tickets
Many people enjoy rocketing down a steep, snowy mountain slope on a pair of skis or a snowboard with no prior knowledge of that what they are doing.

Students Spend a Month Exploring Peru
The students and staff members left Juneau on Dec. 11, destination: Lima, Peru.

From Bluegrass to Clay and Kilns
Known by his students as Jeremy or Junior, UAS Professor Jeremy Kane does much more than just teach students how to work clay.

Exchange to Alaska
The mountains, glaciers and ocean overtook my senses and I was just happy to be a part of the untouched wilderness that is Alaska. Within days of being in Alaska, I had seen whales, snowcapped mountains and ice blue glaciers.

[Opinion] C-Store Woes
The Bears Pantry, more commonly known as the C-store, can be a great resource for students. However, it would seem that it is not living up to its potential in the eyes of many of its regular users.

UAS Accreditation Coming Under Review
Every 10 years, a university must go under review for the renewal of their accreditation, and this can be tremendously important for the students and staff.

SAA Presents Eagle Eye, FAFSA Frenzy
The Student Alumni Association kicked of the first Dinner and a Movie event of the New Year on January 17.


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