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Annual Banff Film Festival Draws Juneau Crowds
The lights slowly dimmed and all eyes were drawn to the screen at the end of the room. Music began to play and suddenly the audience was entranced by the images on the screen: scenes of people climbing impossible rock walls, skiing through perfect powder and cutting ice from a glacier in Peru like they have been doing for generations. A big voice then comes onto the speakers, welcoming everyone to the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Getting out of Alaska
"I never wanted to be a scientist when I was a child. I dreamt about being a police officer, a lifeguard, a writer, and even a teacher, but I was always intimidated by some aspect of the job."

[Review] Slumdog Millionaire
“Slumdog Millionaire” is an excellent film that is fresh in plot and actors and smoothly combines elements of humor and drama to create a diverse well written film.

Silverbow Offers Alternative Movie Viewing Experience
The day I visited, there were over 20 others in the large Back Room at the Silverbow. The crowd varied from young adults to elderly people.

Student Leaves Her Alaska Experience Open for Anything
"The second I saw this place I knew I was going to live here one day. And it was just a means of getting up here."


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