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Ray Troll Mural Brings Art to Egan
The Mural includes a plethora of salmon swimming up from the lecture hall up to the Glacier Room, and has two humpback whales on the outer wall of the landing as well as one large humpback whale jumping out of the water on the main, large wall.

Fireweed Room Renovations
Recently students might have noticed the construction that has been going on in the Mourant Café on what was the Fireweed Room. What students might not know is that the remodel of the Fireweed Room is just the beginning of the changes planned for the cafeteria.

In a Nutshell
Global Connections, New Kitchen Management, Library Displays Panels

UAS English Club Hosts First Open Mic-Night
The UAS English club has been dead in the water, an anonymous organization that has flown under the community radar. Two UAS English students are hoping to change that.

New Administration, Drug Reform?
The United States is in a unique position to push drug reform because of the new administration, but the opportunity, so far, is passing by.

Patrick Vallejo
When you visit the Mourant Café to have some breakfast or grab some lunch, you are almost always greeted by the smiling face of Patrick Vallejo, the lead cook for UAS asking: “What’s for lunch?”


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