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Briefly stated

Short news from UAS.

By: Whalesong Staff

UA President Mark Hamilton announces

 JUNEAU — On June 5, UA President Mark Hamilton announced his retirement after 11 years.

  The decision was announced at the end of a two-day regents meeting at University of Alaska Fairbanks. No specific date has been determined for Hamilton’s departure in order to give the Board of Regents more time to find a replacement, according to the Northern Light.

On Aug. 24, the Board of Regents hired Washington D.C-based search firm, AcademicSearch to begin the look for a new president.

Kate Ripley, UA spokeswoman, estimated that the first official interviews may not begin until after the winter break or even next spring, the Northern Light reported.

  Hamilton became the 12th university president in August 1998.

Construction: New walkways,  roofs, vestibule, overpass


JUNEAU — Students might not recognize some parts of campus after extensive summer construction.

  Five roofs on student apartments and the roof of the Egan Library were replaced, holes were  dug for the long-awaited pedestrian overpass over Glacier Highway and the wooden walkways for five contiguous campus buildings on Auke Lake were reconstructed. The construction was routine summer maintenance on the campus.

 North Pacific Erectors replaced the walkways with concrete and metal. They also built a new vestibule for the Hendrickson? Building.

 The walkways’ reconstruction will cost the university about $25,000, the housing roofs $500,000 and the Egan Library roof $400,000. The pedestrian overpass, to be built next summer, will connect the Anderson Building near Auke Bay boat harbor with the main UAS campus and is part of a $10 million project the Legislature approved.

  The boardwalks are 25 to 30 years old, scuffed and warped. They’re part of the original work done when the campus was built from the 1960s to1982. Like all wood in Southeast Alaska, the walkways get wet and they won’t hold paint anymore, said Keith Gerken, director of Facility Services.

UAS hosts first Discover Design Research Camp

 JUNEAU — A new summer camp from the University of Alaska Southeast, Discover Design Research, took 15 high school students out of the classroom and into the wild.
  The camp, which took place from June 20 through today, spent five days at UAS and the other seven at Glacier Bay and Little Port Walter on Baranof Island.
  The students got a “visceral” learning experience, according to UAS Environmental Science teacher, Cathy Connor, who was on the Glacier Bay leg of the trip.
  They took 10 students and taught them about glacial landscapes, plant succession and salinity while scrambling over glaciers and through Glacier Bay National Park. The other five students went to Little Port Walter, where they practiced marking and recapturing fish in two nearby streams.
  According to Connor, the science camp was started as a recruitment tool for young scientific minds in the Juneau community to attend UAS upon graduation.

"Skin of Our Teeth" begins Sept. 11

JUNEAU — Perseverance Theatre’s new fall play, “The Skin of Our Teeth” will premiere on Douglas on Friday, Sept. 11.

“The Skin of Our Teeth” is a comedy about hard times and how history repeats itself.

Written in the 1940’s at the end of the Great Depression and beginning of World War II, Wilder’s play gives optimism with a message that the good times will come again.

The play takes  place in New Jersey, following the Antrobus family through their struggles, sacrifices and successes under their patriarch, George.

Directed by Drew Barr, “The Skin of Our Teeth” stars Charlie Cardwell and Katie Jensen as Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus.

For more details about the play and show times visit


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