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Job Hunt: work on campus

Campus Job fair on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 11:30 a.m.

By: Mallory Millay

As a new semester begins at University of Alaska Southeast, both first time and returning students are preparing to dive into classes and to commence the job hunt. Many students acquire jobs without having to leave campus by working for UAS in student assistant positions or other job opportunities.
Jessica Chauvot, 23 and a bachelor in business, has been working at the Student Resource Center for over a year.  Chauvot found her job while she was coming in for academic advising. She asked around and found an opening in the Student Resource Center.
“Students ask all the time about finding jobs. There are a lot of student workers at the Student Resource Center, so students ask where to go for jobs,” Chauvot said. Students are usually recommended to or to the Career Services office for their job search to begin. 
Working at UAS can be a great experience for students. Not only does working on campus eliminate the problem of finding transportation to and from campus for work, but it also guarantees a work schedule that won’t conflict with classes.
Students may work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during holidays and breaks. Students may also hold more than one position as long as their hours aren’t totaling more than their limit.
Unlike other bosses, supervisors at UAS know that academic success is a first priority and they are willing to support the students who work under them.
“Supervisors for campus jobs put academics first,” Steve Laing, Career Services Specialist, said.  “If you have a test or a final and they see you are getting stressed out they will give you some time off to prepare for that and will have you make up the hours later. On-campus supervisors are going to be more flexible with schedules than an off campus job would be.”
Student Services Career Services offers workshops and one-on-one assistance to help perfect resumes and tune up your job searching skills
“Many supervisors say they were disappointed in the student resumes they see,” Laing said. “Students can come to me for assistance in creating a resume or improving one they already have.”
If you are looking for a job off campus, the Employment and Internships bulletin board has the latest available job and position notices and is located just outside Career Services.
If you are interested in working in a job on campus, a handy Web site to check out is the Student Services Career Services page at To look for a job on campus, simply visit the Web site and click on the “Employment/Internship” option on the sidebar and then select “on” or “off” campus. There will be a list of requirements students must fulfill to work on campus, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply and how to create a resume.

Next, you will see a link that will send you to where you can search and apply for a wide variety of jobs.

“I would also encourage students to investigate different departments and inquire about what jobs may be open in a department or area that interests  them,” Laing said. “Not all jobs are immediately posted on and sometimes jobs are slow to become available or, once a position is filled, there may be a delay before it is removed from the website, so asking around is a good idea.”

Career Services Specialist Steve Laing is also available to help students find jobs on and off campus. Career Services is located in the lower level of the Mourant Building in Room 102. The office is open weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Drop ins are welcome but appointments get priority.

There are also brochures available which describes the steps to creating a profile and application for a job in Steve Laing’s office as well as at the Financial Aid office

Another good way to locate a student job on campus is to attend events such as job fairs to scope out your options. There will be a campus job fair Wednesday, Sept. 9 in the Mourant Café from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Students will be able to investigate many available jobs and talk to supervisors and other staff members willing to answer questions.

To apply for a student job there are a few criteria students must meet, including being enrolled in at least 6 credits and maintaining a 2.0 GPA. All UAS jobs are applied for online at An important reminder is that to apply for a job on, you must submit a resume and at least three references.

To contact Career Services call (907) 796-6368 or you can email Steve Laing at


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