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Instructions for Mobile Classroom Users

It is highly recommended that you send in the request in as early as possible due to mobile classrooms may not be available later on at the date and time requested. To schedule a mobile classroom, please send an email to If a response isn't confirmed after one business day, please contact the Help Desk by calling 796-6400 or emailing them at

To reserve the mobile classroom, please provide the following information:

  • Date for delivery
  • Mobile classroom delivery and pick up time
  • Room number
  • Instructor's name
  • Department and course name/number
  • Contact telephone number

Delivery and Access

  • The laptops will be delivered to the classroom at the time you request (+ or - 5 minutes). Someone needs to be in the classroom to accept responsibility for the laptops.
  • The laptops will be available for students to pull out and place on their desk.
  • If your students need to save files, they should save them in the UASHome Docs folder or use a USB flash drive.
  • The printer is delivered with a name tag. Use this name from the dropdown list when printing.

Pick Up

  • If class adjourns early, please call the helpdesk at 796-6400 for pick up. Please do not leave the laptops unsupervised.
  • Students can put the laptops back on the cart or leave them on the desk for staff to pick up.
  • Since batteries are used for the primary power supply, it's important to have the laptops ready for pick up at the scheduled pick up time.
  • Do not save files on the laptops. Each power off with delete all profiles.

Log on/off

  • Generally, it will takes less than 5 minutes for a laptop to be moved from the cart, started, logged onto, and have an application running.
  • Logging off will take approximately five minutes because students need to save their work and/or email or print work for instructors.

Laptop Problems

If a problem occurs with a laptop during the class, we need documentation. This includes:

  • Identify the machine with a sticky note (provided).
  • Identify the program and what the user was doing when the problem occurred.
  • Identify battery, if battery life fails.