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New Students

The Marketplace offers lower health insurance premiums for Alaskans within certain income levels. By creating an account and applying for lower cost premiums, you will be able to compare and purchase health insurance plans that meet your needs.

You can sign up for insurance online at www.HealthCare.Gov (or click on the logo link below) or by calling 1-800-318-2596. For assistance with navigating the Marketplace call 211 or visit

Get quick answers about Obamacare and the Health Insurance Marketplace

Returning Students

Effective 8/14/15, University of Alaska will no longer be sponsoring a student health insurance plan except for International Students (see below), Graduate Students who are RA's or TA's on a stipend, or Graduates starting their first year at UAA who are in the WWAMI Program. All other students must now sign up for The Marketplace (see above).

International Students

The University of Alaska Statewide system has endorsed an accident and sickness insurance plan for international students attending UAS. All registered international students on F-1 or J-1 visas taking credit hours must have health insurance or they will be automatically enrolled in this insurance plan. The premium will be added to their university billing. If international students have their own health insurance they must submit proof of that insurance to Marsha Squires, Academic Exchange Coordinator. Her office is located in the lower level of the Mourant Building or she can be reached by email at